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Sometime back I was invited to the Covermark Workshop by VanityTrove. This was held in one of the function rooms in Takashimaya, Orchard Road. Its my first time trying out products from this brand.

Covermark Cleansing Oil, Treatment cleansing milk, mineral wash

I love their display of their various products, especially the butterfly mirror. Its covermark's own. How cool is that?

Covermark Cell Advanced series of Mask, Toner, Serum & Moisturizer

Products displayed that will be used for the hands on

Table of products for us to try and hands on. There are various shades depending on your skin colour so make sure you try it on your cheeck and select from the 3 closest to your skin colour. It should just blend in perfectly.

And I am here for the launch of this 2 amazing product under the CoverMark family.
The Covermark Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid (Main product) in 7 different shades and Silky Loose Powder.

Read the catchy tagline : Beautiful Gleaming Skin as time passes...usually our make-up fades off when time passes if not, it either melts of or dissolve off... there is now technology that makes your skin gleam.

Introduction about Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid.
It catches light as it beautifies the skin based on Covermark's "coverage by light" technology.

  1. Creamy liquid foundation with a high concentration of moisturizing finish.
  2. Spreads well as if blending into the skin, naturally concealing problem areas.
  3. Pure Bright Pigment attracts and reflects light making the skin look illuminated from within.
  4. Moisture Watering Complex traps moisture, forming a veil of moisture and protecting the skin from dryness.
  5. The veil of moisture works like a water mirror, beautifully reflecting light and making skin look brighter as time passes.
  6. Contains plant extracts: Korean ginseng, reishi mushroom, and aloe. 
  7. Prevents spots and freckles due to UV rays (SPF38 PA+++)

It retails at $55 for 25g, one tube is estimated to last you for a few months as all you need is a pea sized drop.

How to use

1. Prepare the skin with a primer.
2. Put the desired amount of foundation on the back of the hand, and apply to the cheeks, the forehead and the nose with a fingertip.
3. Spread the foundation outward from the center of the face, using the larger side of the sponge.
4. To spread the foundation evenly around the nose, eyes and mouth, use the corners of the sponge.
5. To cover a problem area, apply a small additional amount and dab with the sponge.

-Information is abstracted from Covermark website

Introduction about  Silky Loose Powder:

- It contains highly pure pearl granules that draws light to the skin, giving the skin a deeply radiant lustrous nuance.
-Made with new original skin technology that draws light to the skin and conceals imperfections.
-For a bright luster and healthy complexion.
-Best used with Covermark Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid for maximum luster.

It retails at $55 per tub.

You may refer to this  tutorial if you need assistance on the proper application methods for both the products.

Thats me with full Covermark make-up on posing with my goodie bag! Will share with you gals what is in it. Its a very very generous pack!

My before and after photos. I think I looked so much more refreshed and the creamy liquid really does blend in nicely with my skin tone.

The coverage was not too bad considering that my whole face was covered with just a pea size of the Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid. The only thing is because of my skin dryness caused by eczema, you can see some parts cracking. A thicker concealer or a little more creamy liquid may do the trick.

Me with Miss Wani the beauty Trainer

Me with Miss Hiroyo, The sales and Marketing Manager

Here comes the products in my blogger's goodie bag!

 The Covermark Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid & Silky Loose Powder

The Covermark Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid (I get it in my own shade) How nice of them!

 The Covermark  Silky Loose Powder

 The Covermark  Silky Loose Powder. Look at these shiny baby pearl granules. I love the super soft powder puff too.

 They even gave me a small sample sized of  CoverMark Mineral wash with the wire net. I thought of asking for sample sachets but when I saw this on my goodie bag, i was elated.

 The Covermark Treatment Cleansing Milk also in sample size.

Other than these products, there were also some sample sachets of the Cell Advanced products and a towel from Japan, which I did not take any photos of.

I benefited alot from this workshop learning the ways of applying their make-up and useful tips. I am also really thankful for the goodies which they had given. I had a sudden rush to convert all my make-up products to Covermark. They really amazed me with every single detail and items. All the make up products we used were from Covermark.

I would love to be reviewing each individual products and how I felt when i applied the make-up by myself, showing you the results. But probably at a later date as I am very busy during this festive period. Will try to upload photographs on my instagram so do keep close.

Thank you VanityTrove and Covermark for having me in this workshop.


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