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Hi beautiful ladies and handsome man, recently we have been on the topic of Collagen, having attended a focus group session on Collagen. I now have more knowledge on consumer's behavior towards the purchasing of Collagen. Having said that, we know that Collagen supplements usually comes in the form of liquid (bottled collagen drink) or powder form. Have you tried taking them in the form of pills?

To me, this is new as I've tried both drink and powder, for collagen pill, this is something very new to me. I also realised that very few reputable brands carry Collagen pill supplements.

AFC Japan has came out with a new collagen formula with peptides that gives you 1.5 times more effectiveness. The new formulation is produced through a specialized hydrolysis process. It is made from marine fish sources, with 60 times smaller peptides than your regular collagen for easy absorption. The formula effectively reduces the loss of collagen, delivering intense hydration where your skin needs most, and boost cell regeneration to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and open pores.

What is AFC Collagen White Beauty for?

AFC Collagen White Beauty combats first signs of ageing skin.

Fortified with three key potent skin whitening ingredients (MCP-EX Marine Collagen Peptides, Glutathione Yeast Extract, L-Cystine) and Vitamin C to fight against free radicals and the effects of stress, environmental toxins and UV rays. 

It inhibits the formation of melanin and diminishes the appearance of pigmentation and stubborn dark spots, to achieve clearer, brighter skin. All these work synergistically to help repel free radicals and promote a healthy cell turnover.

AFC Collagen White Beauty is best recommended to reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots, brighten a dull, uneven or sallow appearance and revitalise dehydrated skin. The formula is especially helpful for those who are frequently outdoors and exposed to UV rays.

Benefits of Collagen White Beauty

· Lightens skin pigmentation, dark acne scars
· Improves uneven skin tone
· Promotes clear, fair and radiant skin
· Protects skin against oxidative stress
· Repairs skin cell damage caused by toxins, free radicals and UV rays

These tablets are small and very easy to swallow, even when you place them in your mouth, there is no bitter taste. I like the idea of how easily this pills can be brought along with me even when i travel. While drinks makes a tastier choice, powders may be hard to dissolve in water or drinks, tablets offer a fuss-free, easy to take option.

I do see slight improvement to my skin pigmentation, a more even skin tone, calming of skin redness, a more hydrated skin is acheived after taking AFC Japan Collagen Beauty for coming 2 weeks now. I will be continuing my journey with these pills. Overall I like the pills and continue to believe that they will work for me.

Having said that, it may also be partly due to to regular usage of my IDS Skincare products as well as my regular masking.

There are no specific instructions on when to take the pills, but i personally prefer to take them on an empty stomach before having my breakfast or at night few hours before I head to bed.

I usually take 3 pills per day, few hours before I head to bed.

Exclusively available at Watsons. $48.90 (250mg x 270 tablets) (90 days supply). 
Oh wait, before you go.... you may be interested in this!


In conjunction with the launch of various AFC Japan's latest products, it has lined up a Lucky Draw contest:

From 1 April to 31 May 2015, consumers who purchase any AFC Collagen products can stand to win PANDORA Vouchers worth $1500 and $500 respectively, and 10 other attractive AFC prizes.

Participating AFC Collagen products include: Tsubaki Ageless, Collagen Beauty, Collagen Beauty MCP-EX and Collagen White Beauty.

To join the contest, simply email purchase receipt, name and IC number to or log on to for more details.

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