Congratulations to Creme Simon's Opening of first permanent counter


Beautiful ladies and man equivalent, you must have heard by now that Creme Simon had opened their first permanent counter at Robinson Raffles City. Rejoice, because now you can try their products before you buy them.

Thanks for the lovely invitation from Creme Simon, I get to mingle with my fellow blogger friends and did some catching up with them.

It was nice meeting Mr Philippe, the CEO of Creme Simon and exchanging greetings. He impressed me with his wealth of knowledge with Creme Simon range of products.

We were provided with some light snacks and refreshment, it was really great to have a popsicle treat in this super warm weather.

There were 2 flavors to choose from, the strawberry (sweet treat) & the passion fruit (sour treat). I choose the later. I love its refreshing and sourish taste, perfect.

How about some skin rescue tips?
For instant brightening, you can check out the products as shown.

  • Gentle Double Exfoliating Scrub
  • Lymphatic Contouring & Lifting Gel
  • Creme Universelle
  • Multi-Benefits Eye Treatment
  • Restorative Sleeping Mask
  • Dermo Hydrating Toner Mist

More products, under the hall of products on the wall shelves that you can check out. You can mix and match the products according to your needs.

Tried out the Creme Simon Lymphatic contouring and lifting gel which worked great as an exfoliating gel to remove dead skin around my finger cuticles. It looks oily here but it feels really decent and dries off quickly. Most of Creme Simon's product smells the same so if you like one of their products, you are probably gonna like the rest of them as well.

Look at their range of products over the counter. I have previously reviewed some of them over here.

Do feel free to check them out. So far, I am loving all the products from Creme Simon. As all you know, it is rather difficult to find products suitable for sensitive skin. This is one great brand that carries product suitable for people with really sensitive skin, like myself.

This is partly because their products are free from:
paraben, alcohol, silicone, oil, sulfates, colourings and phenoxyethanol.

Do you look at the product ingredients before you purchase them? Time to do so.

Due to popular recommendations, I decided to get the Brightening Detox Floral Serum ($109 30ml) and Multi-Benefits Eye Treatment ($25, 25ml) to try this round.

I've been using them since I got them and I love how both of this products adds to my current Creme Simon skincare regime. The Brightening Detox Floral Serum is used before my night moisturizer and I used the Multi-Benefits Eye Treatment to treat my dark eye circles.

The Brightening Detox Floral Serum is really light weight and gives my face a dewy and glowing feel. It gets absorbed fairly quick and doesn't feel oily or too creamy at all. It feels like the night moisturizer, only thinner as this is supposed to be a serum.

While the eye roller, dispenses the treatment liquid easily with a few twist, does not drip easily and with the aid of the roller, helps roll my dark eye circles lighter. It does takes sometime for them to go away, I am still in the midst of getting rid of them.

I am hoping to be able to try more of their products and share with you more.

Image credit: Creme Simon's Facebook Page

Hop on to Robinsons Raffles City to enjoy these launch specials now...
If you are shopping online, do enter A9NXJD6 for 10 percent off your order!

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Till the next time,
take care... be confident, be yourself!


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  1. looks like a good product! do they sell it in penang? =D

    anyway liked your page! Like mine too ya! =D
    Invest with your EPF NOW!!

  2. Hi Henry,
    Yes, they do ship to Malaysia. You may order online. Delivery is FOC.


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