Product Review: Palmer's White and Even Range Dark Spot Corrector and CBB Cream


Ladies, what are your main skin concerns? Is it acne? Or is is pigmentation, wrinkles and uneven skin tone?

If you follow my blog closely, you would have known by now that pigmentation has always been bugging me, yet I am also always in search of gentle products that can help me solve my skin issues.

We all know that there are many causes to this, lets find out more below and we can look at some products that may be able to help us. Pigmentation is caused by excessive sun exposure which causes the melanocytes in the epidermis which over produces melanin, this results in brown skin cells rising to our skin's surface.

Some knowledge for you:

Hyper pigmentation forms includes:

* Age spots
* Freckles
* Melasma
* Sun spots
* Mask of pregnancy

What causes hyper pigmentation?
* UV exposure
* Acne Scaring
* Severe Dryness
* Hormonal Changes from pregnancy, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy

Where can hyper pigmentation be found?

* On the face
* Neck
* Shoulders
* Lips
* Hands

How do we treat hyper pigmentation?
Use topical creams to inhibit melanin production

I would like to introduce to you Palmer's White and Even Range of products to help you deal with your pigmentation issues!


All products in the Palmer's White and Even range have the following attributes:
1. Unique skin tone correcting formulations
2. Formulated with advanced blend of potent yet gentle ingredients that reduces hyper pigmentation
3. Appropriate for all skin types
4. Free of parabens, phthalates, sulphates, harsh dyes synthetic dyes and fragrances.


First up!

Palmer's White and Even Dark Spot Corrector $29.90/30ml
This effective formula delivers a concentrated dose of advanced ingredients to target discoloration such as dark spots, age spots, post-acne scars and sun damage, to even skin tone and reveal a brighter, more radiant and uniform complexion.

It is formulated with an extra strength combination of Tone Enhancing Complex and Songyi Mushroom, a Japanese mushroom extract known for its pigment-perfecting properties. This blend works to visibly improve discoloration with regular use.

This product is suitable for all skin types and tones.

Product can be easily dispensed through the nozzle by gently pressing it. Bottle products are good because they prevents me from accidentally over squeezing the product.

Usage directions:
Apply to clean, dry skin 1-2 times daily where dark spots or discoloration appear. It may be used as a spot treatment or all over face and neck as needed. For optimal results, use with other Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Facial Care products. 

Showing you some unsightly photographs of myself. I think its due to the recent weather, my face has become crazy again! Please steer your attention away from my pimples. Other than that, I think my pigmentation lightens abit though I did not see significant improvements.

List of ingredients:
Cocoa Butter, Synovea ®, Soy, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Licorice Extract, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Sugar Maple, Sugar Cane extract, orange & lemon extracts, Tricholoma Matsutake Extract, Vitamin E

I like the packaging and scent of the Dark Spot Corrector. The coca butter makes the concentrated serum smell very appealing and it doesn't feel oily at all. Although not much effects can be witness within a short span of nearly one week.

Palmer’s White & Even CBB Cream (Fair/Light) $22.90/30ml

CBB (Correcting Beauty Balm) Cream is a multi-functional formula that targets discoloration and spots while providing natural pigment-perfecting coverage and SPF 15 protection from the sun, helping to prevent darkening from recurring.
The result is skin that is beautifully luminous,even and younger-looking.

Formulated with the unique Tone Enhancing Complex + Mineral Pigment, to even skin tone, renew radiance and leave skin with a flawless finish.

The colour is natural and looks close to my skin tone.

This all-in-one beauty balm replaces the need for multiple products by :

* Targeting discoloration
* Provide superior moisture
* Protect skin from the sun
* Preventing discoloration from recurring
* Provide lightweight coverage to conceal imperfections & blemishes
* Priming skin for makeup application
* Brightening complexion
* Instantly improve radiance and clarity
* Reduce redness

No oily sheen, and it evens out my skin tone. If you look closely at the with bb cream hand, it kind of brightens my skin as well.

(Before) No make-up on face, you can see all my pimples and freckles!

I'm gonna use the CBB cream!

(After) Simple make-up with the BB cream as a base on my face.

I love how easily i apply the BB cream over my face, saving me the trouble of having to apply sunscreen since it already has SPF15. It doesn't leave the oily or white sheen on my face and works well with my make up. The best part its that it evens out my skin tone very well and make my face look natural even when I have the BB Cream on. The BB Cream is quite lasting and can last a whole day. It blends nicely with my skin tone. Go for it if you are fair or light skin toned.

Usage Directions:
Apply to entire face and spread evenly. Wear alone or under foundation for more coverage.

List of ingredients:

Cocoa Butter, Synovea ®, Soy, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Licorice Extract, Hydrolyed Soy Protein, Vitamin E, Sunscreens, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tricholoma Matsutake Extract, Glycerin.

Both products can be purchased from:

Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Robinsons, John Little, Essentials Pharmacy, Nishino Pharmacy, all leading pharmacies, departmental and cosmetics stores.

I hope you had a good read!
Till then....

Be confident, be yourself!

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  1. Hi, does it works in whitening ur skin?

  2. Hi, does it works in whitening ur skin?

  3. Hi Liyana,
    The whitening effects are not so visible from my skin as the tone that I have is close to my skin tone so it blends nicely. :)


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