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It was my pleasure to be spending the afternoon with Sothy, fellow bloggers and the media at Adrift Restaurant located in Marina Bay Sands to witness the launch and learn more about the Diamond Programme.

If you haven't heard. Sothys Singapore had recently launched the Diamond Programme.
This programme is meant for ladies who would love to take better care of their face at the comfort of their home. 

Restore your skin's youthful vitality and luminosity at any age and witness the youthful luminosity in just 4 week with Sothys Diamond Programme.

Combining skin energy and the science of light, restore your skin's youthful vitality at any age with the 4Cs:

  • Cellular Energy
  • Colour Chromophores
  • Collagen
  • Clarity

There are 2 main products in the Sothys Diamond Programme,
The Energizing Boosting Serum which renews, energizes and illuminates, 

and the Energizing Radiance Ampoule that refirms, smoothens and hydrates.

The ampoules are shyly hiding behind the Siberian Ginseng, which is the main ingredient found in the serum and ampoules.

The serum act as a daily energy maintenance booster, while the ampoules acts as a quick re-charge. You can blend them with your foundation for a quick energy booster if you need to instantly look good for the day.

Listening attentively to the various speakers, trainer, and partners shared about the role of the Siberian Ginseng in the serums and ampoules. Shine like a diamond even if you are at home, you still can maintain good skin with the right products.

What's a skin without energy?
Our skin's energy reserve is the source of our glowing radiance that reveals our natural beauty. When our skin is deprived of this energy, it loses its glow and begin to show signs of aging. 90% of visible light is not directly reflected by outaneous surface. It penetrates into the skin before being revealed. 

What is the Sothy's Energy Power?
Sothy's research team concocted a strong energy power to improve the skin's quality and reveal a glowing youthful skin. At the core of every formula, it combines the Siberian Gingseng with other complementary active ingredients with the aim to

1. Protect - its energy capital. The Siberian Ginseng, works on genes to optimize the cell's energy reserve to maintain the glowing radiance and improve the skin's resistance to the environment.

2. Stimulate - the skin's energy source. This is done through the Yeast Extract to stimulate ATP production. The Rice peptides also helps to provide nutrient supply.

3. Regenerate - Cellular regeneration through Grafted Glucolic Acid, it increase the cell renewal with its exfoliating action, Lupine Extract, it stimulate cell renewal and optimize microcirulation. Sophora Flower Extact, it eliminate toxin build up during the day, has  draining and decongesting effect.

4. Play with light - Anti-aging illuminating complex is a global action on the chromophores as well as oxidative stress. It unify complexion and limits and corrects imperfections.

Me and Wendy, posing for a wefie while listening, indulging and being pampered in the Ginseng infused food specially curated for this session.

Some awesome fried oysters

Roasted potatoes with seaweed, we had several servings of this because it is so good.


 Champagne to toast for the launch of yet another wonderful product

Siberian Ginseng tea which tasted pleasant and help awaken your senses

The hanging lights that looked so unique and brings up the overall ambiance of Adrift Restaurant.


In the next part of my review, I will be sharing with you more about these 2 amazing products and my thoughts on them.

First up!
Sothys Energizing Booster Serum ($279 30ml)
The serum is lightweight but intensive to boost your skin's energy and aims to restore and bring you a radiant complexion. The serum is formulated with anti-aging illuminating complex to limit and correct your skin's imperfection.

(Image credits: Sothys Singapore)

Usage Directions:
Apply in the morning and evening on your entire face and neck, avoiding your eye contour. Follow through with regular Sothys cream. You can layer this serum under another serum.

I have tried the serum and love its light weight texture. It absorbs very fast and leaves my skin feeling recharged, supple and smooth to the touch. The serum also helps to even out skin tone for a more unified complexion. I am quite lucky to be able to get this to try out as it is quite costly in my opinion for a 30ml serum.

 I've incorporated it into my daily skincare products as this is the only Sothy product that I owned, but i am glad that they worked well together to give my skin the healthy glow.

Next up,
Energizing Radiance Ampoules ($49 1ml x2)

(Image credits: Sothys Singapore)

This ampoule is an energy booster for the instant radiance and brightness to your skin. It acts as an instant transparent mask to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Your skin will become radiant and instantly boosted.

Usage Directions:
After regular Sothys cream, apply the entire content of an ampoule to the face and neck, then gently smooth over skin. You can blend this with your foundation for a long lasting make-up.

I have not found an opportunity to try the ampoules yet. Trying to save it until my birthday which is coming this week. I'll let you know how it feels like with this 1ml of precious serum being applied on my skin.

Till then...

Do follow Sothys Singapore for more updates on their products.


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