Product Review: Ziaja Manuka Tree Purifying Range


Hi Babes and Hunks! Are you taking care of your skin well? Good if you are, if not I am gonna introduce you 3 affordable Manuka Tree Purifying Products for you to use on your face anyways!

As you would have known by reading my previous Ziaja reviews, Ziaja products doesn't exceeds $10 per item. Save some money for your pocket and buy from a range of product that suits your skin needs.

These products are specially curated for the oily and combination skin types and the good news is that Ziaja products are always so affordable!

First up, the Deeply cleansing Peeling Paste. As the name suggest, it is a peeling product (something close to a scrub). It has micro beads on it, so you are supposed to apply it on your face and gently scrub off the oil and dirt on your face. Spread the paste on hands, massage onto damp face and rinse off. Avoid eye area.

I like how it gently cleanses my face without tightening it and getting rid of my face oils yet not overly drying it. I use it 2 times a week, at night only, in substitution of my general face cleanser and I feel that it is controlling my face oil levels by leaving it refreshing after each wash.

After washing my face, I usually tone my face before I apply a day cream to lock in the moisture. For lazy days, I would skip the toner and go straight to applying a day cream. This day cream is more suitable to be used in the morning after cleansing your face as it has a low spf protection of only 10. It is also ideal for stay home days, where you'll get lesser of the sun and light indoors.

However, if you are using make-up products with SPF protection, this will be a good make-up base to protect and moisturize your skin as you probably would not need another product with high SPF. Apply thinly and pat in the cream, as the cream is quite thick in texture, ensure that you blend it well.

Despite it being low in SPF, I think it gives good moisture levels. However, I would not just use the day cream and head out as we need at least SPF50 for a good sunblock.

Lastly, We have the Gently Exfoliating night cream with almond acid which I will apply before I head to bed. This product controls the oil level on your face, so you'll probably get lesser pimples after application. It moisturizes well in the night as you sleep, especially in an air-conditioned room and it smells pleasantly good.

It has a much lighter texture as compared to the day cream but smells slightly stronger but still pleasant.

Overall, I am pleased with these range of manuka tree purifying products and I will continue to be using them.

Check out Ziaja on their website and facebook.
You can purchase their products from most Watsons Stores, BHG, and Metro Centrepoint.

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