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It was my privilege to be extended an invite to the Times Book Store Opening at Marina Square Singapore, by Danessa. It was not my first time at the Times Book Store as I frequent the bookstores to get my supply of stationary, home and decoration magazines as well as books for my leisure and upgrading needs so I was naturally all hyped up when this lady told me that Times now have a new concept store.

These cute magnetic badges were given to us to place on our shirt.


Times Bookstores under the Times Publishing Group is an Asian based media company, providing innovative services and solutions based on core strengths in printing, publishing, distribution and retail. As one of the most reputable names in the business, Times Publishing Group has a strong heritage of over 30 years and continues to push boundaries and provide a wider spectrum of media solutions for its customers. With a global network of 20 international offices and 40 subsidiaries in key cities in South-east Asia, East Asia, Australia and the US, Times Publishing Group has established itself as a global brand and is committed to providing excellence and quality to consumers and business partners.

Marina Square's outlet is its sixth store. The focus has been now shifted into a renewed brand direction, catering to the reading and lifestyle needs of not only the children, but the whole family. The cheerful orange store with warm brown hues of wood furnishings spans over 2,800 square feet, exudes an inviting feel that makes browsing and shopping for books and other merchandise a delight. 

Parents rejoice because approximately 30% of the store is dedicated to children’s books and merchandise, with the section painted in beautiful shades of pastel and colourful clouds adorning the ceiling. Back by the strong belief that learning is fun, Times Bookstores also carry educational toys and games that stimulate, cultivate and promote creativity and make
learning fun and exciting.


The rest of the store space offers an extensive range of books catering to readers of all ages and interests, including lifestyle and non-fiction books, as well as premium choices of writing accessories and instruments, lifestyle and gift items, that cater to the lifestyle needs of discerning consumers.

We spotted the popular Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest colouring books for adults and couldn't lift our eyes off them.

Image credits: Danessa

There is also the local version of the adult colouring book with the Merlion as the cover page by William Sim. 

I love these 2016 planners from Moleskine that comes with a price tag of $30++. A little heavy on the pocket but so beautiful!

Grab a gardening kit! Close friends of mine will know that I do have a mini garden at my planter around at home. I'm looking forward to adding more varieties to my existing garden.


There were some on-going activities during the store opening such as the drawing of our Caricature, which was not only loved by the children but young adults at heart as well.

This is so not me, as you'll never find a photograph of me in a bikini, but it was specially requested by Tracy to have me drawn in this -.-|||

Spot Yasmin, daughter of Danessa here modelling her flower balloon and savoring the candy floss she got from the balloon sculpturing man and candy floss stations.


The mother and daughter deciding on which colouring books to get. Danessa is a fabulous mother who bothers to explain and weigh the pros and cons of getting each items to her daughter.

As we were speaking, we were suggesting that why there weren't any smaller colouring books, the staff beside the counter interrupted us and appeared with some. Thumbs up for excellent service and being attentive to their customer's needs.

There was also this other incident where I was too busy looking around and I dropped my belt (those that you hook onto a dress) and I didn't even realized. I was walking half way and one of their staff stopped me and returned it to me. Thank you so much for the kind gesture!


We participated in a treasure hunt activity where we were supposed to hunt 3 items and an additional item which we wanted. The designer bag at the bottom was my additional item and the rest were what we found. We were also instructed to post this on instagram and form a sentence with TIMES. Go pop by my instagram account to see what I've came up with.

Before we go, we helped ourselves to some of the yummy food by purple sage and got to bring back a goodie bag of items such as a membership card for 2 years, a notebook, a canvas bag, $50 Times Vouchers and 2 cute mini sets of colour pencils. Times Book Store is so generous!

You may wish to note that there are 2 more days where you get to enjoy the Opening specials! I wanted to quickly share this with all of you, so you'll still have time to enjoy them.

Times Marina Square will serve as a blueprint for the company’s biggest store that is slated to open at Waterway Point in Punggol come January 2016. Spanning over 7,300 square feet, the store will also be one of the key tenants of the mall.

I can't wait for it to be opening somewhere so near my home! I can surely spend hours in it browsing through their large collection of magazines, books and other lifestyle items.

Hurry now and bring your children to the Marina Square outlet now to enjoy the specials!

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