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Last Saturday, I attended the Sample Store KaBloom Plus Event for the launch of their mobile app. I am very honored to be with SampleStore as their blogger for a few years by now.

SampleStore finally launched their very own Mobile App! I am so happy that I now can redeem my samples and accept campaign invites via my mobile, while on the go! This saves me so much time and effort. I think the app is really easy to use too! Go download it via your iTunes or play store if you have not done so.

Allure Beauty was there to promote their eyebrow embroidery, lash extension and facial services.I did not get any services done but I would really love to have the chance to review such services one day. I have yet to review any so far.

The Cookie Craft had these tasty looking cookies around their nicely decorated booth. Unfortunately, I didn't get to taste any or was introduced to any of their cookies.

My Beauty Diary was also there to launch their natural key line new upgrade. Their mask sheets are now thicker, with better quality. They have really good mask promotion at $10 per box. I'm so tempted to get more if not for my huge stash at home now.

Remember these black mask? I had reviewed them previously. They are also going for $10. Did you grab some for yourself?

They also took the opportunity to promote their newly launched Ultra Cleansing Series foaming cleanser and Micellar cleansing water. My beauty diary has something else other than mask sheets! How cool? Hope to get a chance to review these product someday!

Ma Cherie also had a booth there where they promoted their hot products such as the Perfect Shower range which smells so good and heir packaging always looked so floral.

They provided hair styling services too. Such styling services always observes a long queue. So nope, I didn't queue for it.

I was very attracted by the little rubber duckies near their booth. The yellow was so striking and attention grabbing.

Do you fancy some rubber duckies as you have your "Perfect Shower"?

I used to love ZA Cosmetics when I was younger. I would collect their foundation cases which often comes with a foundation refill and a free pouch. I also loved their hot selling concealers which are often out of stock. Love their new packaging colours all the time, from the baby blue to pure white and now its turning pink! ZA had their free make-over services but i was perspiring like mad although I was very tempted to have a make-over done with all my used-to be favorite products. Did you have yours done?

Whamsical from Korea is quite new to the local market so I was glad I was introduced to their pure organic flower range skin care products.

WHAMISA has the direction of being nature inspired! It is made from natural fermented organic flowers containing bountiful nutrients. They are 99.99% naturally derived ingredients and 95% Organic.

I love their soft and soothing floral packaging!

Karmart was one of my last stop before I headed for food. They had many interesting products and had a very colourful booth. Look at the packaging of the Cathy doll products. I love the white on pink polka dot sunscreen.

Snail CC and DD cream, such a sweet packaging.

Love the cute packaging and attractive colours! Noticed that many products are from Thailand. Spot the Snail products!

These colourful soaps are also from Thailand. They look so edible. Haha...

Had some food before I head off. The array of food was provided by Full of Crab, no wonder I was seeing crabs on the paper napkins and plastic cups. No crab was served though, in case you are wondering.

Couldn't resist these pretty Matcha Macrons which Tracy thought was kaya. I had a good laugh.

Gorilla Press juices made from Apple, Bak Choy, Green Pepper ,Celery, lemon grass, green chilli and spirulina.

Last but not least, the box of goodies which we got to bring home. Thank you Samplestore for always showering us with so much love. Do download the samplestore app here.

I look forward to many more good years with Sample store.

Cheers and till next time,

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