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Recently there seems to be spikes of new local business coming up! One such business that I got to know of, is The Sugary Skin which specializes in the making of sugar scrubs, targeted at people with sensitive skin. You may like to know that the owner herself has sensitive skin, therefore she thought of such a brilliant product while finding a solution to her sensitive skin woes.

About The Sugary Skin 

Based in Singapore, all products are handmade with love and contains no preservatives, alcohol and chemicals in them. The base of the scrubs are made from different types of sugar, ranging from the rough castor sugar, to fine sugar granulates depending on its intended function.

Products generally have a shelf life of 6 months to a year depending on the ingredients used. All containers are air-tight and should be kept away from direct sunlight, water, moisture and should be kept in a cool, dry, place. It is best that you scoop them up by a little with dry fingers or using a spatula so that they can be kept for a longer time.

Each bottle is handmade with love by the owner herself and she reveals that she takes half an hour to make 5 bottles of the same flavor.

I particularly love the simplicity of the label and the see-through containers which allows me to see the content in it without having to open it up.

Prices ranges from $16.90 to $18.90.

The Coffee Legs Scrub is made of ground coffee powder, coarse sugar, extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oil. Coffee is known to have many benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, temporary reduction of cellulite, improve blood circulation and smooths your skin.

Price: $16.90/ 170g per bottle
Lifespan: 1 year

You can smell the aroma from the coffee powder, the moment you open the bottle. I love the brownish colour of the mixture. Please do not mistaken this as your 3-in-1 instant coffee powder mix as you would most likely be sweeten to death (bare in mind that this product is sugar based). This smell awaken my senses.

One pinch is all you need for a good leg scrub. You may do it either before your shower or after your regular shower. It is totally up to your individual preference. 

I initially wanted to only try it on my foot but ended up using it on my whole leg. The coffee scent lingers in my bathroom as I indulged myself in the "coffee scrub spa". I used the scrub on my rough knee caps and quickly saw new skin growing back days later. You will see that the sugar melts off leaving the coffee powder as they do not disintegrate quickly.

The Green Tea Body Scrub on the other hand is made from Green Tea leaves, fine sugar, extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oil. Green Tea acts as a great antioxidant with anti-aging effects. It helps to remove dirt and impurities from your skin pores and have anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce scars and blemishes on your skin.

Price: $16.90/ 170g per bottle
Lifespan: 1/2 year

You can see fragments of the tea leafs in the scrub and smell the gentle aroma from the tea leafs and imagine yourself soaking in a tub of hot steaming bath (think Japanese Onsen). The scent sets my mind at peace and gives me a relaxed feel.

Unlike the coffee powder, the tea leaves that gets scrubbed off your body quickly gets squashed and leaves your body with a gentle tea leaf smell.

Well, its good they have something each for the coffee and tea lovers. If not, you can always try out other scrubs such as the lavender scrub or if you would like to get something special this Christmas...

As the festive season is coming, the owner specially curated 2 different new flavors for this season. In the Christmas set, you can find the Candycane Body Scrub as well as the Gingerbread Body Scrub. Each set retails at $18.90 for a limited time only and comes with a mini Christmas card. You can give them as a gift exchange to your friends and colleagues this Christmas. I think they'll make such a great gift.

Do place your order by 15 December in order for them to reach you before Christmas.

The Candycane Body Scrub and Gingerbread Body Scrubs are at 95g each. You can also choose to purchase them individually at $16.90 for the 170g bottle.


The Peppermint Candycane Body Scrubs is made of fine sugar, extra virgin olive oil, refined olive oil, peppermint flavoring, (Propylene Clycol, nature identical flavor). The peppermint help you stimulate your blood circulation as it contains peppermint. Get rid of anxiety and focus better. The peppermint gives off a cooling effect, awakening your senses, refreshes and nourishes your skin.

This scent reminds me very much of the peppermint candy cane that I am always offered during Christmas. It feels like Christmas already!

Lifespan : 1 year

Gingerbread Body Scrubs is made of fine sugar, Ginger and Cinnamon. It also contains extra virgin olive oil, refined olive oil, vanilla essence, (Propylene Glycol, Caramel, Flavouring substance, water-filtered and permitted food coloring) and baking powder. Ginger is full of anti-oxidants which helps to make the skin glows. It is also helps to boost
the immune system.

The most distinct scent in the
Gingerbread Body Scrub is the cinnamon in it. The smells reminds me of biting into a Gingerbread man.

Lifespan : 1 year

Overall, I love all these scrubs and their refreshing and quirky scent and I hope that you will love them as much as I do. Sometimes they look too yummy that one feels like just eating them.  As someone with sensitive skin, I do not experience any negative reactions while using them. I am looking forward to trying the other flavors, as there will be more to come... Thank you The Sugary Skin for pampering me!

 If you are ready to surrender to the sweetness of the scrubs this Christmas, I have 2 good news for you. I am going to pamper you this Christmas as well.

First up! For my exclusive readers, you can quote "PEARLYWERKZ10" for 10% all sugary skin scrub purchased from The Sugary Skin.

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Meanwhile, do continue to support The Sugary Skin.

The Sugary Skin Facebook
The Sugary Skin Instagram
The Sugary Skin Website
The Sugary Skin Twitter

Disclaimer: There were no monies involved in this product review. All views are personal, true and honest. All products shown in this post were sponsored by The Sugary Skin for the purpose of my review.

Have a Merry Christmas 2015!


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  1. Name: Tracy Wong
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    Why I want to win the Christmas set: Because Christmas is coming and I have no presents. Thus, if you can give me a present, I will be immensely happy. Hahaha!


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