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We are now in the year of 2016! What does this meant to you? Have you thought about how you would like to enhance your relationship with your loved ones? Have you made any new communication goals that you would like to talk more with your spouse, perhaps share more about your lives as a couple or get excited about that vacation place that you would like to go in 2016?

Recently I came across two Facebook articles that sets me thinking about the negative impacts of social media, perhaps I can share my thoughts about them and get us thinking about our future generations.

What has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs and other social media done to our lives? As an influencer, are you spreading the right message to your readers?

We used to live in a world without our smartphones, back then we only had a phone that we could only use to call somebody. That was the main intention isn't it?

Our old but trusty phones that could fulfill the minimum needs of connecting people.

With the invention of smartphones, we can now play a game, search for information, shoot a picture and get connected to our social media channels. There are so many things you can do on your smartphone that one may seem so lost without bringing the phone with them for a day. It also changes the way we eat, live and lead our lives.

When was the last time you didn't took a photo of what you ate and show the world what you were eating, where you were eating and with whom you were with?
I've witness for myself how everyone get obsessed and occupied with their smartphones during a family gathering than playing games, catching up and talking to each other. Why not consider a game of monopoly, a card game or even chatting up?

Consider getting everyone to surrender their phones the next time you have a gathering!

There was also times when I was in the MRT that I witness parents passing their children, some as young as an infant of merely a few months old, their smart phones or smart devices to play with or mingle with in an effort to stop them from throwing a tantrum or making a scene. Is this where our society is heading? Why don't you play a simple game, read a book or give them a toy to play with instead?

We lived our lives based on how "well-liked" we are on our Facebook and Instagram. We are judged on our popularity and ability to influence by an agency or company based on how many followers and fans we have on our social media accounts rather than how much effort, time and dedication we took to craft our post and take amazing shots. Such things are disappointing. As you and I know, likes, fans and followers can all be bought by money, yet this is still the base on how companies judge most of us.

There are even people so obsessed with getting likes that they will be keeping veil by their phones and monitoring the number of likes they get for a particular post/picture which they have posted. Some go all the way to renting branded goods, just for that moment of fame where they get to post the photo online to show off to their friends and perhaps gain a new follower.

On a side note, I was also amazed by how simply my friends can post photographs of children in their school uniforms and other personal information online. Sometimes it is way too much that I choose to "unfriend them" as I get too overwhelmed by their feeds. You don't have to tell everything to the world and show everything to the world.

Watch these 2 videos which reveals how much information people are sharing online. It is guaranteed to freak you out.

This is part 1 of the video showing how an amazing fortune teller reveals information from random strangers they find on the streets. He is 100% accurate. Watch to find out how he knows so much, you can be a fortune teller too.

Watch part 2 of the video showing how one man imposes to be another person, takes over his life and "money".

I will leave you to read about these 2 articles and start thinking about how you would like to reconnect with the society by disconnecting or limiting your relationship with your social channels and smart devices.
1. A man who was once a social media "addict" deleted his social media account.

In summary, this man logged out of his Facebook and deleted his twitter app on his mobile phone because of 2 reasons:

1. He was sharing his life on them, wanting to get likes even till he hit an addiction.
2. He was in Singapore and while traveling on the Metro, everyone (about 30 persons) were on their smart phones, the only ones out of it was his girlfriend and himself.

You can read more and in details via:

2.  A child wrote in an essay topic titled "My Wish" that he wanted to be a smart phone
A teacher after the dinner started checking homework done by the students. Her husband is strolling around with a smart phone playing his favourite game ‘Candy Crush Saga’.
When reading the last note, the wife starts crying with silent tears.

Her husband saw this and asked, ‘Why are you crying dear? What happened?’

Wife: ‘Yesterday I gave homework to my 1st Standard students, to write something on topic -My Wish-.’
Husband: ‘OK, but why are you crying?’
Wife: ‘Today while checking the last note, it makes me crying.’
Husband curiously: ‘What’s written in the note that makes you crying?’
Wife: ‘Listen’
My wish is to become a smart phone.
My parents love smart phone very much.
They care smart phone so much that sometimes they forget to care me.
When my father comes from office tired, he has time for smart phone but not for me.
When my parents are doing some important work and smart phone is ringing, within single ring they attend the phone, but not me even...
even if I am crying.
They play games on their smart phones not with me.
When they are talking to someone on their smart phone, they never listen to me even if I am telling something important.
So, My wish is to become a smart phone.

After listening the note husband got emotional and asked the wife, ‘who wrote this?’.
Wife: ‘Our son’.

Gadgets are beneficial, but they are for our ease not to cease the love amongst family and loved ones. Children see and feel everything what happens with & around them. Things get imprinted on their mind with an everlasting effect. Let’s take due care, so that they do not grow with any false impressions.

I spotted this post on my Facebook page re-shared by one of my friends. I did not write the content. Credits goes to the original content creator.

I am sure many of you have many thoughts running in your head as you read this. This 2016, my wish for you is to use your social media and smart devices appropriately and sparingly from now on, do not be so obsessed with your social media figures and statistics. Disconnect and start reconnecting with the people around you as you build better relationships, communicate with real people not just virtually and make your life a more fulfilling and purposeful one.

Do share with me your thoughts via the comments section in this article. I would love to read them.

Images without "Pearlywerkz" does not belongs to me. Credits goes to google images and their respective creators. 

Be Confident, Be Yourself,

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