Beauty Review: Bejeweled Singapore - Blink my eyelash beauty extensions and shinny glassy nail art


I got myself pampered on 7 March, just in time for the International Woman's day. Nowadays, I have a busy and packed schedule so I would often wish that I could get out of home as quickly as possible, without having to slap on much make-up. I know you're going to comment that I am lazy, but we only have 24 hours each day, we should maximize our time and spend it on doing more productive things.

I headed to Bejeweled at their Bread Talk Building that afternoon feeling butterflies in my tummy as I've never done this beauty service before. It was my very first attempt and I've heard of nightmares, infections and many negative feedbacks, yet only a few positive ones from fellow friends. I was quite reluctant to try out the service. It took me quite some time to convince myself that I should try it at least once, so that I can advise my friends about it, as I am no matter what, i am still a beauty blogger. Moreover, this service is not going to last forever, if I didn't like it, I can simply head back to get the beauticians to remove them for me.

This is the photo of my lashes before anything was done to it. I had applied light make-up and had my eye-liner on before the service. My eyebrows was also in a mess as I had no time to trim them and they simply grow too fast.

There are different lengths for the lashes and each of them have a different curling extend. It is best that you consult the beautician and let her know what kind of look and feel you are looking for. To look natural, usually she will select longer lashes at the ends and shorter lashes at the center.

My beautician select the lashes that will look most natural on me as my advise for her was to keep it the least dramatic. It was a difficult task as I had "falling down" lashes and if you see the previous photo, my natural lashes are quite short.

She meticulously planted those lashes near my natural eyelashes and this whole process takes about an hour. I was keeping my eyes shut throughout and trying not to tear. My beautician mentioned that frequent tearing will cause my eyelashes at the side to drop out very soon. She also recommended a touch up service within the next week in order for these lashes to last for a month, otherwise they should be falling all over the places within 2 weeks.

The process of planting the eyelashes strand by strand is a tedious one and you will never achieve it without a pair of steady hands, attentive eyes and good patience. I can never imagine myself doing this for anyone, because I would probably poke their eyes and the thought of it scares me off. My beautician Wen was however able to achieve this without causing me pain and discomfort. Unlike artificial eyelashes that comes in clusters, this is more durable and looks more natural. It also gives me the convenience as I do not need to put it on by myself. I wish to also thank Wen for noticing my messy eyebrows and offering to tidy and trim them for me.

Look at how my eyes poped! After having my eyelash extensions done, Wen proceeded with my manicure and pedicure. I admire her energy, patience and talent. She not only can do eyelash extension, she can do manicure and facials too.

Wen got busy with my finger nails while Jane is working hard on my toe nails concurrently. Great teamwork! Jane did my Disney inspired nails the other time. Check out my previous post if you wish to see how it came out. I have received so many compliments for them. Thank you Jane.

She also knew my preference well enough by now, to be able coordinate my toe nail colors for me. Pastel and matchy match with my outfit and manicure. Nothing too off the colour scale, too bright nor loud with pastels and blings.

The end result of my gelish glittery glass nails and my favorite pastel pink with white nails painted with simple hearts and kisses. I am loving every bits of this coordination and I was so glad that they were able to pull off my requested combination for me.

Do check on the on-going promotions till 31 March in celebration of the International Women's Day.

Thank you Jane and Wen from Bejeweled Singapore for your time and effort in helping me maintain healthy, beautiful lashes and gorgeous healthy nails so that I can be confident in showing my face and nails whenever I attend events and take a selfie or photograph. You ladies have always done a brilliant job for me.

Don't you just love those fluttering, fuller eyelashes which does not hurt and does not hinder your sense of sight? These feels so comfortable when wearing them, unlike the fake rows of eyelashes which you purchase from the stores, these are feeling almost like nothing and they look so natural, and instantly makes your eyes pop the moment you open them. I am glad I tried it at least once.

Do note that there is a price to pay for this beauty service though it looks great. You need to be more aware of the way you are washing your face. Now you have to handle your face gently, and when you are in the shower, do try to tilt your head down and avoid water getting into your eyes. It hurts a ton when water gets to the lashes as these are not real lashes, the water will flow into your eyes from wherever it is and it is painful and cumbersome trying to dry it afterwards. 

If you can, also try not to tear or cry as I cannot imagine the mess and the "pain". You will find yourself being conscious, finding the dropping strands of lashes everywhere, dropping onto your face, onto your bed and maybe even into your food. Do not rub your eyes, do it gently if you really have to do it.

I had the lashes on for a week, by now most of the lashes have dropped. Since I have quite a number of events to attend until the end of the month, I will be heading down next week for my touch up.

Bejeweled Singapore is located at :
30 Tai Seng Street
Bread Talk iHQ

Singapore 534013

Nearest MRT station: Tai Seng
5-10 minutes walk from the MRT

Tel: 6443 9789

Disclaimer: Review is honest and based on personal experience. No monetary reward is received for the review. I was invited to experience the service as a brand envoy by Bejeweled Singapore.

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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