May 2016 Updates


What's happening this month? It seems like time flew past like nobody's business eh? I remember just busily preparing for the 3rd Elite Pet Grooming Competition in early May and before I knew it, the competition is over. Now I am back to preparation for my SKC Grooming "A" License, probably the last that I am going to take until I need to take the Master's level for whichever reason, I will have to do a change of breed.

I am not sure at this moment if  I am ever going to make it for examination this year , since my teacher had not found a suitable model for me, nor do I seem to be competent to pass the exam yet. Everything is still not perfect and his expectation for me is super duper high now. #thepressureison

On the blogging side, I have finally received the Cho Renew intestinal health formula that contains 170 billion patented Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) - FK-23 and Bifidus Bacteria BB536; these two are the most studied beneficial bacteria which are naturally found in our intestines. It is supposed to help improve my intestinal health and overall complexion with regular consumption. I have just started my routine and be sharing my reviews with you. #eathealthybehealthy

You may have recently seen my recent sharing of the Leagoo Shark1 Phone  via my instagram. This is a 6 inch phone, 8.5mm thin, loaded with 6300MAh of battery life which can charge other devices and it is retailing at $399. Do watch out for this review if you are planning to get a new mobile phone. #leagoosg #leagooshark1

I have recently tried the Spider Gold Facial at Expressions, do read my review on that if you are curious about the facial. The facial did firm up my face and gave it a natural lifting effect. My face feels moisturized and rejuvenated. Did I forgot to mention that the facial massage was great too? #expressions #monthlyfacialroutine #beauty

Image credits: Osim Sun Down Marathon 2016

The heat is on! I am going to stroll-walk-Jog-Run my way through the 5km Osim Sundown Marathon this coming Saturday, so do say hi if you happen to bump into me. #runbabyrun Don't laugh at me cause this is my first time and I have trouble to complete even a 2.4km run in school. 5km is no joke to me...
You will probably have also heard about the Osim Sundown Love, philanthropy effort- Sundown With Love, which was created to give back to society. This year, they have the privilege of helping 6 different charities:

  • Children's Cancer Foundation
  • Runninghour
  • Singapore Disability Sports Council
  • Singapore National Paralympic Council
  • SportCares Foundation
  • TOUCH Community Services

Each of the charities has a role to play in shaping our society, covering different aspects such as Children, Disabled, Elderly, Paralympians and Youth. They have teamed up with to create a Sundown with Love Fund, where all donations collected will be shared equally among the 6 charities. Do donate if you can. No obligations at all. :)

I am excited to share with you that after listening to our feedback, Hi-Tea has now launched their new packaging! I love it that I can just take whatever I want and zip up the rest! I can also mix and match to create my own flower blends now. :) I still have a few pending teas to try before I open these few, stay tuned to reviews of them. #hi-tea #iloveflowertea

If you are interested to purchase any of these teas, you may be pleased to know that you can now buy them directly from me. Do drop me an email of inbox message if you are really keen, I'll be pleased to help.

At the same time, I am talking through some new collaborations and re-newing some existing ones so do hook up if you have something for me and stay tuned for more great stuff coming your way!

I am looking for these sponsorship for the month of June because its my birthday month. Do connect me with the PRs/Company if you have any lobangs! :)

Hair Cut & Hair Treatment
Mani & Pedicure
Spa & Body Massage

Meanwhile do follow me on my social channels and send your feedback/collaborations/questions to:

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