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Its tea time again! There is one type of tea which is a popular beverage served in beauty and spa salon and drank by people who can't get to sleep at night. Have you guessed the right tea?

The Chamomile Flower Tea is :
Number 1 tea in google search for herbal tea

Full of minerals to sooth lungs
Remedy for reducing symptoms of flu and headache
Aids in breathing problems 
Prevents Constipation
✿ Relieves tension and improves sleep quality
Aids in improving menstrual cycle with beauty properties

* You may choose to mix with lavender to achieve better relaxation effects *

Drinking Time:
- Take it anytime, in the day or night for a peaceful and calming mind

✿ If you open up the sachet, you can see these yellow Chamomile Flowers. It is quite light and powdery so it floats up when emptied. Best to let them remain in the sachet.


Brewing and serving instructions:
✿ Each sachet can be brewed up to 3 times using hot water (based on a 300ml infusion rate).
✿ Infuse the tea and do a quick rinse off and pour it away, before infusing it for the second time and letting it sit before consumption. Do not soak it for too long during the wash as the taste of the tea gets milder with every infusion.
✿Seep tea for 3-5 minutes and increase the seeping time with every brew for stronger taste.
✿You can infuse the tea with the tea bag or opened it up on a tea strainer.
✿Chamomile has a unique taste to it, you can add some honey or sugar for better taste

I personally prefer this tea with a teaspoon of honey because it has a unique taste to it. The flowers are not too strong smelling and the tea is quite light.

✿The Chamomile Flower tea gives off a hue of yellow after infusing.

✿Very Light, sweet, and refreshing.

✿Keep the tea in a cool and dry place.

Where to purchase:

✿$22.90 for box of 10 sachets , look out for on-going promotions.

For more details and product information, do check out:

Hi-Tea Facebook
Hi-Tea Website

Thank you Hi-Tea for sending the products over for review.

Disclaimer: All products were provided for the sole purpose of my review. Review is truthful, honest and based on personal views. No monetary rewards were received for this review.

Be Confident, Be Yourself,

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  1. Aww... really wanted to try this tea for so long. Do you know where to get in Malaysia? >.<

  2. You can drop them an order through their website or FB :)


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