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Its almost a year and a half since my previous facial at Glomax Aesthetics . Previously, i did a hydrabrasion facial with them, if you like you can read about my experience then.
This time round I was invited back to this SOHO unit for an Instant Calm Facial, which is suitable for my skin. Since my eczema face was still giving me problems, I had to remind myself and the beautician to avoid facials and scrubs that are too harsh for my skin.
It is always a good habit to check with the facial salons what they will be doing on your skin regardless or not you are paying for the facial as you won't want to risk a breakout later.

GLOMAX Aesthetics -The Face Artistry
Is nestled six floors above Singapore's famous riverside Clarke Quay next to The Central. We are everything a minimalist soho spa stands for: expertise, customization, modernity and privacy. The commitment to your skin deserves only the best.
Expect a superlative collection of ultimate face and body treatments boosted with award-winning aesthetics machines and celebrity skincare products. Our treatments are specially crafted for instantaneous results and meticulously executed by a team of highly-trained beauty masters.

A SOHO style beauty salon in city focus on Result Oriented Facial.
GLOMAX Aesthetics -The Face Artistry is a winner of multiple awards:
Best Eye Tx Award (Illuminating) 2016
Best Eye Tx- Dark Circles Award 2015
Pre Party Facial Award 2014
Best Non-Invasive Tx Award 2013

Best Anti Acne Facial Award 2014
Best Sensitive Skin Tx Award 2013
Beauty Awards 2011
Favourite Face Therapy (Eye Lifting)
100 Most Loved Beauty Professional (Ms. Evon Low]


I am surprised to learn that they now have a corner for hair treatments.

About Instant Calm Facial (60 minutes)

-Your face will be first cleansed and your make-up will be removed. This is typical to any facials.
Can you see the metal tool beside me? At this point one side of my face had already been cleansed (removed of obvious white heads)
The beautician then proceeds with pimple extraction using a metal tool. The obvious white heads on the surface of your face are removed using this tool so that it will be less painful during the extraction. This tool is so cool.

I was told by my beautician Stephie, that this tool comes in really handy for people who are afraid of the painful extraction process. I was quite disgusted when she showed me my whiteheads but at the same time pleased to know that they were all removed. I can't remember when I had a facial with pimple extraction already. Perhaps more than 2 months ago?

The pimple extraction that followed after this extraction tool was used, was quite painful because there were many stubborn pimples that was deep in my skin. She did warn me before hand but what to do, I prefer my skin to be clean.

Stephie then proceed with eyebrow trimming and shaping. She was very nice to check with me if I preferred my brows thick or thin and that she would balance them out so when it grows, it will appear nicely.
Pardon my very chui face please...  did you notice the glow on my face?
Calming ampoules were applied on my skin and she was very careful not to "touch my eczema areas". She then followed through by applying a soothing mask sheet on my face, and ended the facial with a shoulder massage while I had the mask on my face.
This facial is suitable for people with sensitive skin like me to calm the redness and improves your skin complexion.


The facial room is really small and is shared with 2 other persons separated by curtains so that they can serve more customers at a time but you will still get he privacy you require so no worries for that.


Overall, I am satisfied with the facial experience except for the pimple extraction which was quite painful as there were some really deep whiteheads and somehow I wished that I can be put in a bigger room. I also wished that the massage was longer.... (wishful thinking I know).


Its only about 1 week+ post facial with minimal make-up on, taken at the end of the day after a movie date. It was about 11pm and I think 3/4 of my make-up was already gone. My skin is looking so much healthier. I am so so so glad, that the 2 major pimple extractions had since subsided and my skin is no longer looking flaky now thanks to this timely instant calm facial. My skin had since calm down and I am glad I can now go out confidently again. Good bye nasty pimples and ugly skin.
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Whatsapp: 9459 0795

12 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, Soho2
#06-168 Singapore 059819

Thank you Glomax Aesthetics - The Face Artistry for inviting me back for a sponsored facial. Review is 100% honest and based on personal experience. All photographs on this site belongs to the property of Pearlywerkz. Please do not take them as your own. Do ask for permission if you wish to utilize them.

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