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Hey lovely, how are you feeling today? Recently, I was invited to "The Science Behind Beauty" workshop, to learn about some popular face aesthetic treatments in the market being offered in Uber Aesthetic Clinic. You must be thinking, Uber the cab company? No, in fact Uber Aesthetic was there even before Uber cab came into picture.

About Uber-Aesthetic Clinic:

Uber-Aesthetic Clinic, Singapore’s premier face and body aesthetic specialists, was established in 2005 as an aesthetic clinic that specialises in providing non-invasive cosmetic procedures for the face and body. Tailored to address various modern day beauty concerns, our quality treatments and solutions eliminate the risk of complications and side effects, and aim to minimize recovery time for our clients. This is made possible through the use of the latest FDA-approved aesthetic technology and proven medical research. - Credits:

During the first session, we were exposed to a Nose thread lift session with Dr Justin Boey, and his patient. He then went on to have botox done on his face. While this nose threading process involves having about 10 - 12 inserts done to bring up the nose bridge of the patient to create a sharper nose, it was a rather fast and pain free process with no down-time.

The needles that were used for the inserts were also much thinner compared to those that are currently used in the Aesthetic scene, further reducing the pain. These threads are injected into the surface of the patient's nose to stimulate new fibroblast and generate new collagen production within the skin.

The Botox process on the other hand, gives the patient a sharp jawline and a V-shaped face. This is done by injecting a purified protein that causes the muscles around the face to relax, reducing facial lines and wrinkles. This process takes only about 10 - 15 minutes and is typically done along the jaw line, and forehead where traces of the jab would be less visible. A vibrating device was also used to distract the patient hence reducing the pain caused during the whole process.

There was a short tea-break where we were pampered with some light snacks before we proceed with the next session where we learn about more about Ultheraphy with Dr Shane Alexander Abucewicz Tan.

Image Credits: Affluence PR

Ultheraphy is a non-surgical treatment that will lift, tone and tighten the skin around your face.

High Intensity Focal Ultrasound Technology is used to lift and tighten the neck, chin and brows of the patient, improving her wrinkles and lifting her brow line to reduce droopiness on her eye areas, giving her a refreshed look. This is also a popular lunch time procedure with little down time and a relatively fuss free process. There are various treatments used depending on your requirements.

Lastly, we witness a Teeth Whitening, Mouth Refreshening and Gum Rejuvenation treatment, a way to alleviate stained, dark teeth caused by excessive coffee drinking or smoking using the Y10 whitening system.

Bright Tonix, developed a low power radio-frequency (RF) Y10 system that remove stains from your teeth enamel resulting in whiter teeth. Many patient sees that there is a significant shade jump from 4-5 shades whiter compared to before their treatment.

Y10 Toothpaste is applied onto a mouth piece and the patient simply needs to bite on to it. During this time, the stain interacts with the tooth enamel and is being pulled out through the RF current generated by the Y10 whitening machine.

Image Credits: Affluence PR

The best thing is that you don't have to take special care at home or to avoid your favourite coffee and colored food post treatment. I feel like trying this for myself already!

I hope through this blog post, it gives you insights about some of the popular treatments available in the aesthetic market and is being offered in Uber Aesthetics. Thank you for having me.

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