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The Influencer Network recently extended an invitation for a gathering at Trick Eye Museum for all their bloggers. I was glad to be able to attend as I've always wanted to check out this new place.

Trick Eye Museum opened its doors to Singapore on 8 June 2014 at Resorts World Sentosa.
It is their first venture overseas, out of South Korea, where they first started.

The whole place is OURS!

About Trick Eye Museum
"The name Trick Eye comes from the shortened form of the term Trick of the eye and refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into Three-dimensional images. Through the use of optical illusions, three-dimensional paintings on the surfaces of the museum walls, floors and ceilings come alive. The museum offers various themed galleries where visitors are invited to take part and are more than welcome to explore with their eyes, hands and cameras too. Step inside the paintings and complete a visual narrative with your creative pose. Through the lens of your camera a surprisingly tricky story will unfold. Make unforgettable memories at the Trick Eye Museum with your friends and family and be ready for fun and laughter, all with a dose of education and culture."

Trying to pose nicely but there's a man grabbing my legs!

The museum is seperated into 6 themed zones:

  • World of Masterpieces
  • Safari Kingdom
  • Stars of Circus
  • Dreams of fairytale
  • Love in Winter
  • Adventure Discovery
Tips: I would recomend you to wear pants if you are heading down because some of the poses requires you to climb, lie and bend to take the photos.

On the floor, you can find these Photo Point where your photographer can stand and take the perfect shot for you.
I've added some photo captions on my own and I hope you'll enjoy the photo journey as much as I've enjoyed posing for them.

Special credits to my husband for the photos, whom is also my +1 for the evening! ;D

Worried that you can't pose or don't know what to do? There's always a guide nearby the art piece.

Looks like real yah... its a real painting by Georges Pierre Seurat.

Look! I am standing behind the couple like a plus 1.

I was quite worried to sit on his palm as I may be too heavy and break it. Haha.

This is the exact reaction I will have if I see someone drop their pants, before running away.

Grabed Tracy for a giant and dwarf shot

I think my legs looked a little weird here but nevertheless, we are seeing eye to eye.

Husband said I wasn't looking scared enough in this shot.

Enjoying my broom ride here like a... witch, pass me my crooked nose!

I think this one kinda looked interesting. I fit nicely in the globe.

Nice Mermaid?

This photo reqires me to bend down. Quite challenging but fun shot and i liked the effects.

I like the blueish background and dolphins here!

Doing a hand stand here, trying to keep my balance.

There are some interesting paintings too, if you looked closely on the floor. You don't want to miss them out.

Love her expression on this one... wahahaha food!

I was trying to photobomb Tracy here because she was so concentrated in her shot.

There are so many more paintings and sculptures from the Museum. I'll leave it for you to take time to discover and explore them with your family and friends.

How, do you like my posing and acting? Hope you have enjoyed the photo journey. I had loads of fun too. I love this place, its a must come if you are a tourist, its a must come if you are looking for somewhere fun to take some beautiful pictures.

Were you there too? Thank you TIN and hope to be able to get to attend your other events too.

How to get there:
Go to Trick Eye Museum (5 minutes walk) via the Sentosa Boardwalk at the entrance of Resorts World Sentosa. $1 (Pay by e-zlink card)
OR Take the Monorail in, stop at Waterfront station. $3 (pay by e-zlink card or pay at the Sentosa Visitor Centre Ticketing counter, to purchase your monorail tickets)

Opening Hours:
10am - 9pm

Ticket Price:
S25 for adults
$20 for senior and children

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  1. Hello, thank you for visiting Trick Eye Museum and hope you had great time with us. We would like to share some of your photo at TEM in our blog for English speakers (http://trickeye.blogspot.com). If it's ok with you, please let us know. Thank you! :)

  2. Hi Trick Eye Museum,
    You may share them at your blog. ;)


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