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In recent years, there is a trend of customized skincare solutions tailored to your specific needs in town. We have heard of all those big names and seen beauty lovers rushing over to the clinics, making appointment and seeing skin doctors for their customized prescription.

How would you like it if I were to tell you there is an option for you, to skip those long queues, forget about traveling long journeys and omit the long waiting time now?

I am not kidding you. Dr Rei operates 24/7 digitally, at The Face Inc and can do your consultation online. Through answering a few lifestyle and skin concerns questions, you can obtain your very own prescription to your skin woes. Add these products to the shopping cart and you'll soon receive your own personalized products at your door. 

My prescription based on my online consultation. My main issues are pigmentation and blackheads, secondary concerns are on occasional blemishes outbreak.

The Face Inc's goal, is to ensure that the best regime is created for every individual. The unique selling point of their products is the distinctively high concentration of active ingredients versus other products in the market. This evidently translates into prompt results for prevailing skin conditions of acne and blemishes, pigmentation and scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

These are the products which I am prescribed with. Notice nothing from the purple range.

There are 4 main range of products differentiated by colors.

#1:  Clear (Green):
Clear by cleansing and toning.
Products prepare skin for further treatment.
Remove skin lipid film so that skin is receptive to corrective and restorative agents applied subsequently.

I received the Clear Cleansing Gel (I believe everybody would have this in their prescription). This cleansing gel foams easily but does not feel too rough or strong when used on my skin.

I received the Clear Active Toner as well, it has a slight cooling effect when applied to my skin.

#2:  Correct (Blue):
Restores skin to specific conditions.

I was prescribed with the Lightener to lighten my pigmentation. This creamy lightener is very easy on my skin, light and moisturizing but not too oily.

 I use the blemish essence on my blemishes spots, sad to say that they didn't really help me much on my blemishes.

The Cell Renewal is supposed to help me on my pigmentation. It smells great with the camellia extract. I kind of love how it evens out my skin tone.
I was given a small bottle of the exfoliant to try and I  am glad they did not give my skin any issues at all nor give me any sensitive reaction.

#3:  Rejuvenate (Purple)
Promote good skin health.
Prevents collagen breakdown and  stimulates production.
Maintenance, nourishment and keeps skin in bright and clean state.

#4:  Protect (Orange)
Protect skin from sun damage.
Gives maximum protection from UVA and UVB sun rays.
Prevents onset and occurrence of skin conditions.

You should be receiving your sun protection as well, either the tinted or non-tinted version. I have been using non-tinted sunblock all these while, so i have chosen he non-tinted one.
Yes, this sunblock like many, does have the sunblock smell but good news is the smell doesn't last for long, it goes away after a few minutes of application.

Now for the verdict... The before photos were taken around 24 April 2015, and the after photos were taken on 4th May 2015. (About 10 days apart)


I am glad that while most of the products work okay on my skin, with no rashes and irritations, i feel that they are taking their own sweet time to take effect. The blemish essence doesn't seem to be working yet, or it must be that I haven't been resting early these two days, that cause the sudden breakouts.

My main concern on my pigmentation, looking at both photos I can't tell much difference but my face does feel brighter and my skin tone more even.

On the blemishes, now all spots on my T-zone are covered with pimples.. oh gawd. And thanks to my itchy fingers.... :x I really hope they will go away soon! *spams more blemish essence* .

These are the more recent photos which I took to show you the improvement using The Face Inc products for two days, of course in between I took my beauty supplements and did masking too. So, the effects are not purely based on just The Face Inc products.

I'll give you guys another update once my face feels better, but I'll continue to use the product and see how it goes. Even just within 2 days you can see that my blemishes are fading away and my pigmentation seems lightened a little bit.

If you think these products will work well on ya,  why not you head on and speak to Dr Rei from The Face Inc now and give them a try? After all, consultation is F.O.C. Give it a try and hope they'll work for you too.

Let me know how these products are working for you in the comment section below.


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