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Weee! Winter in Singapore? Yes you've heard me right! Someone must have heard our calling for a Winter time in Singapore and it is finally happening this December 2015 26 March 2016!

I've never ever seen snow flakes, not even a hail storm which many of my friends have witness during some quirky weather in Singapore!  Nor visit anywhere in winter before, so I am really looking forward to see some snowing action even if they are artificially made.

The Winter Run is coming to Singapore on the 12 of December 2015
26 March 2016! This run is a spin-off from the UK Winter Run. Get your winter gears on, grab your family and friends and go on to conquer the fun but non competitive race!

The Winter fun Run Singapore is a 8km route which boasts 3 different climatic zones. The flag off will be at Big Splash, East Coast Park and ending the zone will be at Senior Gardens, Gardens by the Bay. Children, roller blades, scooters, skateboard, wheelchairs  and walking strollers are allowed, however please leave the fur kids at home.

Hubby is suggesting that we should start training soon because, no joke! Its gonna be a 8km 5km run! I can barely survive a 2.4km run and now I am progressing onto an 8km 5km run? I guess we will be lugging our energetic dog Milky for our training sessions, running around our neighborhood  or even at the Waterway area soon. Why not? We can date, train, bond with the fur kid and keep fit all at once. What a great idea!
Zone 1: Seasons in the fun
There is a chance that you might quite literally “slip” into this zone as you enter it on our bouncy slide! From clowns and jugglers to carnival games, there is something to keep everyone entertained right here in this zone.

Warning: You may want to escape the Awful Carollers as they attempt to get under your skin with their blaring renditions of classic Christmas tunes.

Running and caroling? Eh... I can't decide at this point of time which I will end up liking better, but the bouncy slide sure sounds fun! I love slides as a kid and even now.. let us just hope its not gonna be a huge mess with so many people sliding down together!

Zone 2: Let it snow zone

Be greeted and welcomed with falling snow flurries. In this zone, you are transported into a land of snow-tipped alpine trees, snowmen, and chilly breeze.

For the runners who will jump at any photo-opportunity on-route; we’ve got you covered! Filled with wondrous photo opportunities and photo booths, there’s a memory for everybody to take home.

Cameras get ready! I am going to welcome my first snowing experience in this zone. Mega look forward. Think "Winter Sonata". I foresee there are going to be cute props for us to play dress up and snap quick photographs. I'm gonna lug Tracy and Danessa with me for this one! Don't run away you two! Come, come, who else wants to take a photo with me? Everyone is welcomed.

Zone 3: Brave the cold zone

Evoke all senses as you venture through an ice cave- what awaits you is a big mystery! We haven’t forgotten that you must be starving by this point so be sure to grab hold of the ice-cold tasty treats before you make your way to the finish.

If we haven’t tackled the wintry monster in you, jump right into our ice baths at the finish- we are not letting you leave without a shiver down your spine!

I am smelling ice-cream! Singapore is a sunny island and we are hot all year round, I certainly would welcome the cold treats anytime.


 For your bravery to conquer the fun run , the organizers are giving you these:

I wonder what the mystery item is going to be? Something made of ice? How are we going to keep it?

After your registration, do look out for an email confirmation and do remember to collect your race pack during these dates!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register yourself and gather your friends for this fun run now! I will be having my hubby, Tracy and Danessa with me for the run.

The early bird rates and ice chilly fun run awaits you!

Register from now till 18th October 6 December 2015, so you can get to enjoy the early bird rates of $35 for the child (age 6-12 as at 31 December 2015) and $65 for the adult (age 13 and above as at 31 December 2015). Its $10 off the original price, plus you get lots of fun there.

Hope to see you there! I cannot contain my excitement for the run now. But I'm going to be using the remaining time from now till the run to train up my stamina. I will also be going for other Walk/Run events, to prep myself for the Singapore Winter Run.

Who is going? What do you think about the run? Reply in the comments below, so maybe we could meet up or even do the fun run together!

For more information, do check out:
Website: http://winterrunsingapore.com/
Facebook: Winter Run Facebook 

Instagram: WinterRunSG

Credits: All images and information are obtained from WinterRunSG.


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