Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Liquid Liner Review


Hi Fans!

Do you miss my reviews? It's September and its gonna get busier!

Good news as I have quite some Maybelline products hanging around and i am going to review them bit by bit. I did mention to you i am a great fan of them and really hope they will sponsor me someday! Promise as always that the reviews are honest and of course, opinons and views will differ from person to person.

This product is a shiny purple and i really love the color very much.

It is quite a surprise that it turned out quite well ! You can wear it to party and you'll definitely stand out from the crowd. It takes awhile to dry but it managed to stay on my oily eyelids, but as it is quite thick one gentle wipe will wipe this eyeliner away and it gets a little smudgy if your lids are oily. It is not as fine tipped as the hyper sharp liner, but overall i still like it very much because of the color and how easily it can be applied. Check it out for yourself!

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