Skin 79 ~ The magical & Prestige BB Cream [BB Diamond]


A typical conversation starts in the home on a Saturday evening before heading for dinner...

Me: Hub, have you seen my BB cream?

Hub: Which one? You have like so many...

Me: The one i won by Skin79! Pink and blink blink one!

Hub: I thought you were holding it just now?

Me: Yah... I think it have legs! Gone missing just when i needed it...

And tada! Guess where i found it?

My mini Polar was happily holding it! HAHA... and so here it goes, maybe it decided to be a sparkling diamond that night!

So, here goes my review for this magnificent diamond BB cream i won from Skin79!

First of all, let us look at the cream's texture. It is not too watery! And most of it all
the colour is well-suited to my skin tone!

It is relatively light and not too white for my fair skin :)

And the final results? Don't expect too much from my make up as i was already rushing for the dinner haha! I like to look natural most of the time :D


This BB cream is perfect for my skin tone, non-sensitive on my skin and blends really well.

It is good as a base, but for overall coverage of pimples and freckles, you will need to apply a thicker layer. Or else, apply your regular concealer with this cream.

Also, i did not see any information of sunscreen on this BB Cream which i feel is still important for me.

(I would like to clarify that this Prestige BB Cream does have an SPF of 25! Yays!... I just realised today! Thanks Skin79 for pointing it out)

But i'll use it as a make-up foundation base as i really like the color and texture. It also doesn't have any weird scent. Nice! It managed to last the whole night and is very easy to remove as well. Kudos! I will consider buying it! I love it more now that they have sunscreen in it! But this sample size that i won is certainly good for touch ups and will be great in my make-up pouch yippie! You can get the full retail size of 40g from Watsons store or the Skin79 BB miniature set if you like this small one! :)

Thanks for all the clarifications! Kudos to Skin79! And i hope to have the chance to review more of your products soon ;D *hearts*

Here's another picture of me taken in the office with the BB Cream on my face! Again! I stress that i put really light make-ups. I don't have like hours to stand in front of the mirror in the morning haha!

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