Sponsored Advertorial: Juicy Yummylicious Moisturised Lips by Mentholatum


As usual, i am always very happy and honored to be sponsored by this well known brand who needs no further introduction in the lip balm industry. I've always wanted to try the Lip Ice Sheer Color but without much luck.

This time i have The Sample Store and Mentholatum sponsoring me a strawberry flavoured Mogitate (Fresh Fruits) Strawberry Lip Balm. Yummylicious! Read on to find out more about this amazing juicy product which is bursting with natural fruity goodness and honey! All natural and yummylicious!

It is always good to apply lip balm especially before you are heading out to prevent cracking of lips which are very painful. Never peel off chipped lips as it can lead to bleeding, infection and red puffy ugly bumps!

*P/s: As this lip balm is really quite transparent on my lips you can't really see much of a difference in color.

Before you head off, remember to redeem your FREE Lip balm sample here:  

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