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My Scheming Mask from Taiwan. I believe you had seen this cover photo in my timeline at Pearlywerkz. Yes! I am going to share with you more about the Pearl Whitening Mask from My Scheming Taiwan. Notice that it has a beautiful packaging too? Its targeted at young ladies like us. 

You can recycle the beautiful box (which i plan to do). 
But first of all, let me share with you the pricing details of this wonderful mask. 

Each box of 10 is only retailing at $14.50. But because of the GSS Sales, it is going for $11.60 now. And it is only available at Watsons! You get to earn points as a Watson member too! So why not? I think its a great deal! 

The instructions on how to use the mask and the ingredients and information are actually located at both the back of the individual mask pieces as well as the box.

Pearl Whitening Mask

This is what it proclaims to do:
Pearl Whitening Mask is specially formulated for dry and dull looking skin to enhance skin vitality, moisture, and elasticity. It comes with 2 layers, one with the pearl paper which can help reserve the nutrient and MOISTURE in the mask, and give you a smooth and silky skin! (Read more about it with pictures below!)

In case you are wondering what is so special about My Scheming mask, it is the only mask to be made from 100% Japan natural pulp, known to be softer and maximizes delivery of nutrients, and its pearl paper ensures better absorption of essence. 

It has 2 layers on it with a plastic sheet covering it. 

I believe this is the Pearl paper made with pearl proteins, its the one that reserves all that moisture and nutrients in the mask to make it still effective and not losing its moisture. This Pearl paper is also useful to help you fit the mask on your face. You can gently remove it after fitting on your face so that you fingers will not touch your face too much! (How sweet!) 

This special Pearl paper can also be found in all their other mask! Not just this Pearl Whitening mask! Love it! 

The actual mask sheet has holes on it too, to allow your face to breath during masking, so it'll not get too stuffy or hot inside. 

Leave it on for 20-30 minutes! Be warned when you pick up this amazing mask as the
serum was so rich that it was dripping from the mask sheet. I rubbed it on my neck too! 

I really love how this mask moisturizes my skin with tinge of cucumber scent. They are super generous with their serum. It was dripping as i picked up the mask from the pack. Beautiful packaging and nice pleasant scent. Pearl are really good for the face and has great beauty benefits. I guess i had benefited from this mask usage. My skin is so supple, so Q and deeply hydrated now. No outbreaks since first usage and my skin definitely is more elastic now.

But no matter what it is, do remember to perform a skin test before you try this mask and
what may be suitable for me, may not be for you. So try out at your own risk and check out My Scheming Sg at their facebook page, for their latest promotion. Psst! Their free mask is running out fast!

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