Product Review: The Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45


Have you always been out in the sun? Do you remember your umbrella and sun glasses when you leave your home? Are you aware that even the lights at home are transmitting UV rays all the time? If you aren't aware of the damage that these are doing to your skin, its time to learn more now!

Introducing you the star of the day! Enavose Essencious Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45!
But hang on there first. I would like to tell you a little about the blogger's event.

Firstly, thanks Enavose for an exclusive invitation to the Spritzy Fun with Sunbrella Event held at FullHouse. It was truly my first blogger event ever. I get to meet many other bloggers and thankfully a few of them actually bothered to break the ice and we eventually started talking to each other. It was also my first time at Fullhouse! Look at this.. so amazing!

Of course there were great food and great hospitality and we were introduced to this amazing product that I am going to review today! And I shall not forget to thank all of my great friends and fans out there for your likes and thus for me to win the Best photo for the Sunbrella event!

Hope you like these few photos that i had taken, i was kind of nervous and i think i must had owned the smallest/simplest camera there. The rest of the bloggers were really professional! So you notice that my photos aren't exactly of the highest quality. But nevertheless, I tried my best! And look at all the products from Enavose! I totally feel like bringing the whole range back home.

Now! Back to the star product of the day!

Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45
This advanced invisible sunscreen offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 45 protection in a convenient micro-vaporized mist that applies evenly and dries instantly on skin. Its innovative formula includes a new tetrapeptide that protect skin cells from UVA-induced damage and support skin’s repair system. Ideal for face and body, this versatile spray with an oil-free formula can be used over makeup. Feel empowered to replenish your sun protection whenever, wherever.

Why is it good for your skin and you!

©Broad-spectrum PA+++ protection

©DNA-protective peptides protect your skin’s from cellular-level UV damage

©Comprehensively protects against oxidative damage from free radicals to prevent premature ageing

©High antioxidant content protects skin from melanoma formation and wrinkles

©Lightweight, oil-free formula ensures no greasy feel on your skin and no product build-up

©Hydrates and replenishes moisture in skin

©Oil-free, Alcohol-free and Fragrance-free

©Handy and portable with no-spill mechanism

It’s perfect for:

©Hassle-free reapplication of sunblock every 3 hours daily

©Using over or under makeup as its oil-free formula ensures a smooth, comfortable feel

©Toting around on beach vacations, city trips and island adventures

©Spritzing on your body during sports or outdoor exercise

Special Promotion*

Grab the Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45 at S$29now (Usual price S$39.90).

Get a complimentary $20 voucher when you spend $100** and above.

Get an additional 2-piece travel set worth $22 when you spend $180** and above.

*Promotion only valid at Suntec City and online store

**Purchase must include an Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45.

The good stuff it contains:

DNA Tetra-Peptides, Organic Green Tea Extract*, Buddleja Davidii Extract*, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Extract*, Natural Preservative Blend of Wasabi, Ginger, Garlic and Radish
*Certified Organic by Ecocert French Control and Certification

Directions of Use

Spray about 15cm away from the face. Reapply any time
on dry skin. Avoid staying out in the sun for too long,
even while using a sunscreen.

Trying out the Sunbrella UV Mist on my palm.

This is what you should do if you are using it on
your face, follow the directions of use for best results


•It has a slightly milky texture and colour.
•It is not sticky at all.
•It evaporates rather quickly
•It has a pleasant after scent.
•It doesn't stain your skin.
•It doesn't leave ugly white patches.

Its so good! You just have to spray it over your make up if you need a quick sunblock boost! No worries about having to touch up underneath your skin anymore.

For all these wonderful things, i am going to rate it 4.5/5! I will definitely use it and I am thinking of stocking it up already! By the way they are having a promotion now!

isn't this bucket full of sunshine and goodies?

They are so thoughtful to come with a personalized towel for each of us! I feel
so blissful being an Enavose blogger!

Thanks Felicia and Enavose for this wonderful opportunity. Appreciate the effort put in this event for all bloggers alike. Thanks for the interns too that came up with such great ideas to decorate the place.

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Signing off....

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  1. I like the way you present the pictures and text. Nicely done. Can see that efforts were put in to put up the blog.

    Kudos to you.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words Elaine :)


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