Whiff out that feminine you : Salvatore Feragamo - Signoria Perfume Review


The Fragrance
[Abstracted from http://www.ferragamosignorina.co.uk/the-fragrance.htm]

The perfect alliance of elegance and memorability.
A reinterpretation of the iconic elegance of jasmine with the unexpected and delicate sweetness of panna cotta. The bright fizzy notes of currant spiced by fresh pink pepper bring a joyful, cheeky character which compliments the green vegetal notes.
A generous dewy petal note made up of fresh jasmine, rosy peony and the chic femininity of rose offers a creative floral aspect.
The airy & creamy texture of panna cotta blended together with soft musks and intriguing woody patchouli notes offer a racy Italian elegance and an unexpected addictiveness.
Available in 30ml, 50ml or 100ml sizes.

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My Review:

This perfume is really sweet with pink as the very feminine colour as the main colour. The bottle with a bow reminds me of those found on a cute shoe. The shape makes the bottle classy and elegant with the golden ball on top.

It makes me feels like a ballet girl dancing in the room. The fresh floral scent gives me a very girlish feel, making me feel all romantic and smelling great with confidence. The creamy smell is quite addictive and makes you go for a second, third and more sniff. It is definitely something you wish to wear on dates.

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