Mask Review: My Scheming Caviar Whitening Mask


Dear lovely fans, the weather is so hot recently. Have you noticed that? Because of that, we need to put on mask more often to ensure that our face do not dry out easily. So today, I am going to share with you this very luxurious mask made of caviar.

So what is this caviar?

In case you haven't heard of it. It is a luxury food, consisting of processed, salted and non-fertilized roe, and yes they come from fish. It is black in color and it looks pretty similar like a salmon roe. I have tasted the salmon roe, taste great with my Japanese Sushi, I liked the way it "popped" in my mouth when I chew it. But I haven't really tasted the caviar before. 
I heard that it isn't cheap.
You can find more information about caviar on the web.
My scheming mask has come out with a luxurious mask called Caviar Whitening Mask. So how can this help our skin? According to them. Caviar is regarded as the diamond in the ocean for it contains rich nutrients such as phospholipid, phosphoprotein and amino acid to enable to activate and renew our skin. It is also an excellent anti-oxidant to repair damaged, and revives our skin. The fagus syvatica extract and Vitamin E improves our normal skin function. So, overall, we will have a renewed, moisturised, and smooth skin, as soft as a baby's!

Who doesn't want that right? Wow! I must put it on my face now! But before that let’s look at the packaging! I find this one is so fanciful and it doesn’t depict that it is a Caviar Whitening Mask. Maybe the closest thing is the flying fish. Haha! As usual the information about the pearl paper that locks in all the moisture.

The individual mask packaging's background design is a little too much and noticed the words are in yellow amidst the design which is a little difficult to read.
It looks exactly the same as the design on the box. 
(Top picture)

You can hardly read the ingredients on the back of the mask too. (Top picture)

And so I put this amazing mask on my face for about 20 minutes to fully relax and absorb the essence of the caviar. The mask sheet is of rather good quality and as usual there was a lot of essence left! I rubbed it on my knees and rough elbow this time. 
Are you curious to find out how I will rate it?

In Summary:

The Good -
Whitening - Yes it achieved the whitening effect. It did lightened my face tones a little. The serum was also thick and rich enough. There wasn't any scent on this mask, not that I can recall of. How does caviar smells...anyone?

Brightening - It was also achieved as I do see my face glowing after the mask regime.

Moisturizing - Yes, it made my skin rather soft after using it. The mask sheet remains quite wet after removing at about 20 minutes. But as I didn't wish to overdo it, I removed the mask and wrapped it around my knee caps for a little while before discarding the sheet.

The not so great -

The packaging is a little bit too messy, but more importantly for me is that the product works! Anyway no one keeps the sheet package. Well, the box packaging is okay for me and it will definitely be re-used.

Ideas on how to recycle it yet anyone?

Hope you had enjoyed reading this piece! Good Night! And have a scheming good holiday! :)

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