Review: Sasatinnie White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask and Aloe and Olive Deep Moist Silky Mask


I manage to redeem this 2 pieces of mask from SaSa from their "fastest fingers first" Give-away and for review.
Image source: SaSa Facebook 

I was really very lucky as I haven't won or managed to get any freebies in retail size from SaSa thus far. So, it was really the first. Hope that you nice people from SaSa will notice this and we can have some partnership soon. These 2 mask are mainly Aloe & Olive Deep Moist Silky Mask and Brightening Silky Mask. If you had visited SaSa you would had seen these mask around. The ratings are for both mask as the quality of the mask, packaging and prices are similar, I did not post additional photos on the same mask skin. You can read the end of the post for my overall thoughts on each of them.

A pack of these mask of 10 pieces are retailing for $14.50. This works out to be $1.45 per piece. Do check out their in-house promotions and you may be able to get it at a lower price.
Rating - (Reasonable: 4/5)


I like the simple, clear, crisp packaging of this mask. The instructions are bio-language, making it very friendly for Asians to read with acceptable fonts and size. At one glance, you are also able to identify what kind of mask they are.Rating - (Simple, nice and well thought of: 4/5)

Ingredients and directions of usage:

As above in photo.
White and Gray packaging : White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask
White and Green packaging : Aloe and Olive Deep Moist Silky Mask

As with all mask only use it for 15-20 minutes. If you put on the mask for too long, your face will not be over moisturised. It will be dry out instead. So if you wish to prevent wastage, you can actually rub the serums over your knee caps or elbows and neck. You do not need to rinse off this mask, you can pat in the serum to your face and apply your usual skin care afterwards.

White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask 
proclaims to:
- Brighten and improve skin tone
- Delays skin ageing by enhancing skin's absorption power
-Reveals youthfulness
-Improve skin pigmentation and radiance- Skin is whitened, and brightened with improve skin tone's fairness.

Aloe and Olive Deep Moist Silky Mask 
proclaims to:

- Enhance moisture and nourish skin.
- Calm and soothe skin
- Intensive moisture and improves skin's radiance 
- Skin reveals its brightness, tightness and smoothness.

Mask Quality:

I quite like the quality of the mask as is rather smooth and thin. It fits my small face just nicely because my but I do foresee some challenges for people with a big face. Aside to these, the mask is really thin, so you don't feel too stuffy or hot when you put it on your face. I tried tearing the mask and yes, it was very easy. You don't need extra effort.

This mask also comes with an added plastic sheet to lock in moisture in the mask and prevents it from drying out. Some people may not like it because it takes additional effort to tear them off. I used to do it until I realised that you can use the plastic sheet to align it to your face, so as to minimise contact with the actual mask sheets and prevent bacteria from contact with your face through your fingers touching the actual mask sheet. 

Rating - (Thin, translucent, just the right size for small face of: 4/5)

White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask Scent of Mask:
Very pleasant and nice smell. Makes me feel like I've sprayed on some floral facial mist. It also carries with it a tinge of apple and mulberry scent which makes the mask ultra refreshing. As I put on this mask, I smell something gentle sweet, floral and a little fruity. I have never tasted truffles, but I don't recall it having any smell. The mask serum felt cooling and it was rather relaxing and luxurious to have this mask on my face.

Rating - (Floral scented, light, not overpowering, nice smelling : 5/5)

Aloe and Olive Deep Moist Silky Mask
No specific smell. I find it quite ordinary.
Rating - (3/5)

Serum of Mask:
The serum was thin and watery, not too thick and creamy which makes it easy for the skin to absorb. But it would be better if it goes a little thicker. Consumer will feel that its more worth what they are paying for. The good thing is that they are very generous with the serum. See how much are the remainders that I poured out from the package? I used them on my neck and hands.Rating - (A little too watery, could be slightly thicker. Feels very thin : 3/5)

With White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask
With Aloe and Olive Deep Moist Silky Mask
Here's a photo of me with the mask sheet of the truffle mask. You can actually see how thin it is from this photo. IT is rather translucent, you can see my skin! I put it on for about 20 minutes and removed it just before heading to bed and after I had thoroughly cleansed my face.

Overall feelings after usage of mask: 

White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask -
It does brighten my skin and slightly lightens my pigmentation (I have very bad pigmentation due to strong exposure of the sun) bringing out my skin's fairness as what the product proclaims. There was no acne breakouts after using the mask and no allergic reactions. It made me feel very good inside as I had truffles (they are like some mushroom looking fruit that eats fungi. Yes I know its very Profound) on my skin! Although not the real thing, and yes they are very expensive. I do like the feeling of this mask on my skin and the brightening effect. It also makes it easy to apply my cosmetics the following day, my skin feels so smooth. Hopefully with frequent usage, my pigmentation will slowly go off. I've been using many pigmentation reduction products lately. I am desperate to keep them away!
Will I repurchase this mask? 
Yes! I certainly would. It is reasonably priced and it felt really good. If there is any reason behind buying this mask.. it would definitely be the scent! This mask feels like truffles-aromatherapy! And I love it!

 Aloe and Olive Deep Moist Silky Mask
The Aloe and Olive mask did not have a specific smell. It was moisturising and calming to the skin. I did not felt too much excitement of this mask as I did not feel much of olive. But it wasn't too bad. This mask is great for reducing the skin's redness.

Will I repurchase this mask? 
Yes! I certainly would if it was on promotion. It is not to bad, but I don't find anything too fantastic about it.

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Thank you SaSa for your lovely giveaway! 
Hope to have a chance to be sponsored by you
for other product reviews someday! :)

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