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I was very honoured and really happy to finally be invited for the Jyunka Challenge. Special thanks to the beautiful people at Jyunka for your kindness and Kristen for your help. 
I have heard so much and read so much myself but definitely nothing beats experiencing it for myself. Finally I get to attend! Yays! Being a beauty blogger is so tough but I was so lucky to be invited that week as I had recovered from a week long of fever and it was after work so I told myself I must go! How not too? If you had heard of the effects of this great product... you'll have to try it yourself!

M+ M+ M+... here we go!

 But the venue was really hard to find, or should i say confusing. I almost got myself lost finding my way! Oh gosh! I have to admit I am so bad at directions. Luckily Kristen was kind enough to find someone to "pick me up". Thank you for the service haha.The people at Jyunka are so kind.

 So here we go! We were shown a short video about how E300 Ascorbic acid or otherwise commonly known as vitamin C, it is so important to our skin! Basically, a group of sailors was out at sea and they were suffering from scurvy and they tried everything they could think of, including the famous fruit... Orange! Which solved their problem eventually.

The trainers (Mother and son) really take the pain and effort to show us how important vitamin C is to our skin. Next our male trainer, drew on the flip chart and quiz us on what were our concerns and if our skin was waterproof or oil proof. If you guessed waterproof like got it right. How would you then be able to absorb water-based product? (Think hard).
 If you guessed waterproof like me...  *claps* 

Seriously I felt at that moment like I was overdosed with lots of information.
So much was being shared about how much we need Vitamin C in our life.

So why do we need Vitamin C for our skin?

(1) We need Vitamin C to synthesize collagen and it is also a highly effective antioxidant that helps with growth and the repair of tissue in our body. 

(2) Vitamin C helps to reduce visible spots and wrinkles, and restores clear and supple skin.

Other uses of Vitamin C

Vitamin C can repair and maintain bones,
cartilage and teeth.
You cannot live without it!
You'll die faster without it then without water.

The Solution for our skin:
M+ Fluid is pure vitamin C, no one else comes closer than this in their products, at least not that i know of at this moment. And no, it is not edible. No preservatives, prabens, fragrance! It is suitable for all kinds of skin except if you are allergic to Vitamin C!

Jyunka Challenge

I would like to call it...the challenge to throw away your BB cream and walk out of your house with a "naked skin". Facing the world with minimal make-up, no mask up, just being yourself!. 

How can this be done and how long will it take?
Almost instantly! (Yes no kidding!)
There's no long waiting time to witness the results and I have witness it for myself.
The trainer's mother had taken over the session and guided us patiently and also demonstrating it on her face!
(We call this eat your dog food in marketing terms!)

1) We were made to clean our face
and get rid of all our make up.

2) Next, we apply the Jyunka Epidermal Peel Treatment (Say bye bye to dead skin cells, black heads, white heads, pigmentation and more!) Keeping in mind that we should not have it more than 5 minutes on our face avoiding the lips and wounds and we should only use their Epidermal Lotion to wash off the peel.
During this period we should also avoid the sun or get our face burned! It does feels a little hot and picky on the skin!
I love this product!
Can't wait to get my hands on them yeah!

3)Followed by the Jyunka Boto Caviar Serum (Such luxury to be able to try this amazing product) - May I? May I?

4)Apply the famous M+ Fluid (The STAR of the day!) and yes, witness instant results on one side of the face after trying it.

4)Jyunka Sunblock, it was very close to skin tone. This is their newest addition which was already out of stock!

Some pictures of the lovely trainers telling us more about their products.

JYUNKA M+ Fluid patented Qusome Technology and Vitamin C in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid to protect skin cells from environmental and UV-induced damage.

It effectively targets the cause for photo-aging of the skin. 
Qusomes are multi-layered particles, whose layers are alternately hydrophilic and lipophilic while L-ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant and promotes the production of collagen in skin tissues at the same time reducing the harmful effects of hyper-pigmentation.

At my age (not telling you ;D),
 you can't really see wrinkles and large open pores. 
But you can really see the radiance and lighter skin tone. My skin is definitely firmer as well!
Don't forget this is only after a few minutes of usage. Pardon me for the pigmentations, i hope intense use of this product will realy bring it down. And okay, if I DO get my hands on the'll speed things up? :)

I am in my break-outs now so expecting all the pimples to pop out and apply M+ Fluid to get them healed and the process goes on...But i am experiencing the Jyunka glow now where my face looks fine even without the BB Cream...ok i applied a thinner layer! ;D

Here are some of the photos i had taken of the actual product ;)
Do Enjoy!

Its in GOLD! It represents luxury and

goodness of this high flyer product!

Great bottle of Qu-Some* encapsuled L-Ascorbic Acid
always ready to penetrate into my skin's 3 layers to restore clarity, radiance and skin elasticity and firmness.

The snoozle is good to control the amount that you need for
usage. No wastage! Too precious to waste them :D

Look at me now after 12 days of intense usage!
(Day and night without fail!) Okay...
except on one or two nights
when I was to tired and dozed off!
Of just 1 pump!
Pardon those pimples. 

The trainer had warned me!
It doesn't mean that the product is not suitable for me,
it's just clearing up!

Jyunka's Promise to you...

Immediate results can be seen after using Jyunka. 

-The treated skin is lighter and brighter.

-Pores are refined.
-Fine lines are plumped up at the epidermis level.
-Facial contour is lifted at the muscular level, leaving skin firmer and more toned.

Long term results begin with the basil layer’s increased skin cell production level, followed by the Fibroblast cells increased collagen and elastin production at the dermis level.

Jyunka M+ Fluid acts as a booster and should be used on clean skin after the toner and before your serum and moisturizer. 

The product is lightweight and melts into the skin upon application, leaving no greasy after feel.

INTENSE - 21 days (Day & Night)
AGED-SKIN - 2 to 3 months (Night)
OIL CONTROL - 2 to 3 nights (Weekly)
PIGMENTATION - Spot application (Day & Night)
JYUNKA GLOW! - 3 to 4 days (Day & Night)

Jyunka promises visibly touchable results:
• JYUNKA GLOW! - the skin literally glows from within. 
Toxins are flushed and the complexion improves.
• Plump up Fine Lines - fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced with the plumping effect of the serum.
Lift Sagging Skin - sagging skin is visibly lifted and the facial contours are more defined.
• Tighten Pores - good for people with open pores.
Reduce Dark Eye Circles
Lighten Pigmentation and Age Spots

Jyunka M+ is priced at SGD 344.00 (inclusive of GST) for 30 ML but because of an on-going promotion, until end Oct, you can purchase Jyunka M+ at only $268! Isn't that great news? Start stocking it up now! :) 

Do check out their facebook page for more details and advises here and also if you need to know where to get them!

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