Review: Biotherm Skin Ergetic Eye Serum


I finally get a chance to experience Biotherm's latest addition to its
Skin.Ergetic family. This is the Skin.Ergetic EYES.
Thank you Biotherm for holding this contest and awarding me one for trial.
I must praise them for delivering this great product to my door step!
I was surprised.

Yes, it is a mere 15ml pen like tube where you will
enjoy the ease of squeezing the cream out.

Here it says:
Integral anti-fatigue care 
dark circles, bags,
sagging eyelids.

You will agree with me that everyone nowadays has eye bags due to time chasing.
Due to sleeping late. We simply do not have time to relax our busy eyes nor
turn away from the computer. I am a live example myself, its a weekend and i am
still blogging away in front of my computer.
(Image from Biotherm Facebook)

I noticed that this product contains Caffeine!
It is why they always says coffee keeps us awake?
Anyway, it does contains alcohol too.
So, it is a good idea to test a tiny weensy little bit on your hand first.

This product is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lenses users,
so I hope you all can use it at ease.

It says here:
Beauty from the deep. 
And the box reminds me of swimming
in the ocean. The feeling is so nice!

If you can't wait to get rid of those nasty signs of eye fatigue.
Join me to fight against fatigue to bust those dark circles and puffy eye bags!

Notice that the product color is green? 

Green is  good for our eyes. 

Directions of Usage:
Release a drop and tap on the eye contour.
If you know of any eye massaging techniques, you can use it after you have massaged your eyes. 

If not, here is one which you can follow.

There is a nozzle on the tube, so just gently squeeze out some.
You don't need to apply too much of this cream. A small amount
will do.

Follow the instructions and you are ready to bid goodbye to fatigue eyes.
Use twice daily, once in the morning and once before
you head to bed.

Summary of Review:
I like how this cream effectively combats signs of fatigue.
It reduce the puffiness of my eye bags and  lightens it effectively.

Does not feel oily on skin :
No ugly patches as colour is near to skin tone: 
5/5 (Blends well)
Does not have any negative reaction to skin (e.g- pimple break outs): 
4/5 (Did not encounter)
Effectiveness to eye bags : 4/5 
(works quite well, but adequate rest is most important)
Will I repurchase:
Yes, after this tube finishes.

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  1. Hey Pearly, I guess you've been using this product for over a year now. Have your dark circles reduced at all? If yes, please let me know how often you used it. Because I get so lazy with beauty products, if I don't see signs in a month or so, I stop using them; but obviously I've realised that dark circles are not something that will go away in a flash..

  2. Hi Jen, you are right. Dark circles takes a long time to go away. My eye bags are still there because of constant working on late nights. It comes and goes. I don't use this everyday only when i remember and usually at night when I am not on my mask routine. This product will help reduce the eye bags slightly, it will not cure completely. So if your dark circle is not very serious, it will help you. (Again, it depends from person to person).

    If you want a fast and effective solution, why not try masking? Use an eye mask like those I've reviewed. The Sexylook one is really good! If you can... sleep early! It helps more than anything else. :)

    Hope this helps you.

  3. Hey Pearly!
    Have been reading your blog for a while now, did you start a new one from last time? The layout looks really different and fresh! :)

    I like your product reviews! The photos are so clear and sharp and your review is always succint! :)

    Good job and do drop by my blog too if you can? Thanks!

    Kira @

  4. Hi Kira,
    Thanks for your encouragement. ;)
    It feels good to have positive feedback from readers like yourself. I did not start a new blog, i only changed the layout.



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