Review: Skin and Lab Vitamin A Plus Lifting and assorted cream


Are you having ageing issues? Are you in need to restore your damaged skin? Wish to age gracefully and embrace ageing? Then you are definitely going to read more about this post and the product that I am going to share with you today.

Why do we need Vitamin A?
Vitamin A forces your skin cells to turn over at a faster rate, therefore bringing new fresh cells to the skin’s surface.

It penetrates deeply into the skin to promote biosynthesis of the skin cell DNA. The biotechnical complex purifies the epidermis and soothes the skin to prevent wrinkles and aging. It also restores rough skin damaged by UV light to keep your skin moisturised and healthy.


Main ingredients in Vitamin A Plus Lifting Cream

Vitamin A
Upon contact, vitamin A promote cell division and cell DNA biosynthesis promoting change in skin quality,thus delivering maximum effect.

Acts in generating collagen and elastin to maintain the structure ofskin tissue

Sweet Almond
Poly-lift extract, i.e. Super Vitamin, from sweet almond immediately brings elasticity and shine on contact. 

Prevents wrinkles which increase the size of skin tissues by stimulating DNA and protein synthesis.


Need a sample before you buy it? No worries! Check them out here !
Aren't they nice to give out these cute samples for trying? I love them so much I
can't bear to tear them open! :D

Applying once in the morning and once in the evening, my Skin appears tightened and less sagging, clearer and brighter. My skin also looks fresher after application of the Vitamin A cream and fully moisturised. I will try the other sample sachets soon! I feel that there is a whitening effect too! 

Look at the texture of the cream. It feels rather gentle and not as greasy as I thought it would be. Even my wrinkled hands looks less wrinkly now. I am going to mix it on my hand cream too!

Using this cream, I feel like a little scientist mixing my vitamin A cream onto my facial and neck creams. Its kinda fun too!

Anti-ageing is not only for the "old", we should start anti-ageing even at the age of 20. Nothing is too early. Start your own anti ageing routine now!

Thanks for reading! Do check out their website for more samples and contest! :)

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