Sponsored Review: Unclog your pores with T-Zone Deep Pore Ex foliating Daily Wash


Want a facial wash with Mild and tender Manuka honey and tea tree?
Haven't you heard of all the benefits that honey does on healing of your acnes
What about Tea Tree oil? I absolutely love them both!

Exfoliation is so important to our skin to renew our skin cells and remove dead cells.
The microbeads found in this T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily wash will help to cleanse, and gently unclog pores, stimulate skin renewal, and leave skin visibly fresh and radiant.

Read more about the benefits of the ingredients here! 

Manuka Honey. Is produced by bees who feed on the Manuka plant which grows
throughout New Zealand. Not only does Manuka Honey have more than regular honey, it is an skin and natural humectant too. Anyone who suffers from spots knows how punishing to skin some spot ingredients can be, but T-Zone Nature knows you can be
tough on spots without being cruel to skin. T-Zone leaves nothing to chance.
Manuka Honey is clinically proven to have a potent antiseptic on on spot forming bacteria. 

Tea Tree Oil.T-Zone Effective Nature pioneered the use of this powerful microbial oil in the le for ‘porefect’ skin. Clinical studies prove how effective Tea Tree Oil is in reducing spots and blackheads and with few side effects like burning or flaking skin that is associated with harsh spot treatments.

Or simply check at the back of the tube of the facial wash:

It comes in a handy fat squeeze tube size of 150ml, priced at $8.90.
You can find this in any Watson stores!
Such a reasonable price for an incredible product like this. 

Actual Application:
The facial wash is gel-based with microbeads which helps in the exfoliation.
It is extremely gentle to the face and the microbeads can be easily washed off.
Its so gentle that you won't feel any peel coming off your face.
The gel will turn foamy after you massage it with water onto your face.
There is a slight cooling sensation followed by the smell of Tea-tree oil.
It is super refreshing to use this facial wash.

I had observed over a few days of usage that my face, especially my T-Zone
area had became less acne prone and oily. My pimples have also healed faster
with the help of the Spot Zapping Stick (Will review it soon!) My face is also less
itchy when i perspire during the day now.

This works very well for me! I am convinced that T-zone products works absolutely well and yes! It works for me. I'll give it 5/5! 

My thoughts:

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