Review: Wave byebye to those red irksome bubbles with T-Zone Spot Zapping Stick with Manuka Honey and Tea Tree


If i haven't remembered wrongly.. sometime back i won this from a giveaway by T-Zone. That was my very first experience with T-Zone's product too. Since then, i've tried out their facial scrub too! I love T-zone product to bits because especially when i experience breakouts because they just works for me!

I have this problem of sudden breakouts and they definately don't feel pleasant. Especially so since i am a Trainer, meeting people is like an everyday affair and i don't get to hide at one dark corner of the office. Even when i have no training on.. i would have to go for meetings and face my collegues.

Tea Tree oil has all the properties in them needed for me to zap those nasty spots off! And if you had been a faithful follower of my blog, i guess i need not repeat the amazing properties of Tea Tree Oil and how Manuka Honey can help to get rid of those irritating pimples!

Read this post more for more details on the facial scrub which i've tried and how those amazing properties helps you. Or simply refer to the back of the box to tell you more!!!

Salicyclic acid is also one great ingrediant you should look out for when searching for acne curing products as it's proven to be super effective on my skin!


Wanna find out what i liked most about this product?

Its the hands free roll oil applicator! Super love this, as i do not need to touch my face or fear any bateria coming in contact of my face with this roll on applicator. Sometimes when a new itchy pimple pops out, i'll just roll it on to cool off its itch and redness. It's really effective on me! :)

Read my thoughts all summarized here for you if you simply do not have time to go through all the bits and pieces of details. You can grab one for yourself quickly at Watson store for just $9.50. And you can wave good bye to all your nasty blemishes/acnes/pimples and red irksome bubbles i sometimes call them.

So i must say i really do love this product! I'll give it a 4 out of 5 for its effectiveness, convenient packaging, affordability, thoughful roll on feature and for everything else! I just love it!

Do you love this product as much as i do?

Tell me why do you want it in the comment box below! And as the usual contest mechanic goes!

# !!! Giveaway 3 !!! #

1) You do need to be a fan of T-Zone.

2) You must be a fan of Pearlywerkz, followed me through facebook and via google connect.

3) Liked and shared this post of mine in my facebook page and comment that you have done so.

4) Lastly, leave a comment below with your name, facebook name, email address and lastly tell me why you want to win this product.

5) Contest ends on 23 December 2012! Winner will be notified on 24 December 2012. Good Luck!

Thats all! Have fun! :)


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  1. FB Name Bebe Lee
    Email bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg
    GFC Bebe
    Shared on Facebook

    I love to try out this product, hope it helps to remove the ugly blemishes, pimples and acnes from my face. Wanna have a beautiful clear skin.

  2. name: kelly kuek
    facebook name: kwek kuek
    GFC: lee liet
    email address:
    i have liked, shared and commented on your FB post

    i want this product because i have long wanted t try out this T-zone spot zapping stick. as you can see from my GFC profile photo, i am a teenager with oily skin which brings me a lot of troubles such as clogged pores, oil shine and zits :( i hope this product will be suitable for my skin and banish all the zits and ugly acne marks.

  3. Name: Eleen Cheong
    FB Name: Eleen Cheong

    I would like to win this product because I always have acne popping up on random sections of my oily face due to stress from school. With exams,tests and homework to worry about,I really do not have the time to give my skin the proper care it needs. That's why I would love to try out this product as it would really save me the time and effort in maintaining a long daily skincare routine,just to keep my face clear of pimples and zits. :)

  4. Name: Lai Ying Ying
    FB NAme: Ying Ying Lai

    I would like to win this product because I have a lot of acnes on my chin area though some of them are recovering recently, more are coming out on the chin! I really hope for all these acne outbreaks to end before starting school next year so that I can look fresher and not be made fun of. I hope that this product can help me in battling all these spots that has been irritating me all these years! >:( Thank you! :D

  5. name: Annabelle Tong
    facebook name: Neu Syhan Annabelle
    email address:

    i would love to win this product because i have a pimple-face! simply to say outbreak or acne is my best friend, they come but are hard to let them go! which makes concealer my next best friend. i would love to try say no to this acne! hence i would love to try out this awesome product :)


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