Sponsored Review: EHA Medi Facial - Hydra Facial for pampering my oily skin


Hey ladies! I've recently been invited for a medi facial sponsored by EHA.

Address: EHA Clinic is located at 1 Scotts Road #15-01 Shaw Centre S(228208)Contact: 6235 3325
Website: http://www.eha.com.sg/

Its such a great honour and this is also the first time i am reviewing a facial.

Dr Elias Tam MBBS(S) GDFM, GD(FP) DERMATOLOGY Fellow of International College of Surgeons One of the 30 Additional Governors of ICS, is the co-founder of EHA.

Although this is not the first time which I have done a facial. I was really excited about this medi facial.You can find out and read more about them here.

I really like their tagline of Look Good, Feel Great as it tells much about one being confident when looking good. That shows us how important our outlook is!

Look at the certificates and accolades on the wall. Take a walk down their wall of fame here.It just shows how recognized they are in the industry and let you trust your face to their nurses. (I don't know to call them that or beautician as they are like a clinic)? I usually look at all these as a first impression if i wanna try out a new salon. 

Waiting to go for my medi facial as I was early. Its quite tiring to rush there after work but they are kind of pack so it was hard to get a suitable slot too!

Changed out, had my make up removed by the nurse and having my face "examined" before the actual facial. Pardon me for the scary face and thick eye bags :( I had been working very hard at work. I have very serious pigmentation issues and I will be very very glad if someone reads this and sponsor a treatment to remove those irritating pigmentation spots of mine!

The steps of the medi facial:

1. Examining face and determining what facial procedures will be done.
 The nurse recommended a hydra facial for my oily and pimple filled face. She also checked with my regarding my bad pigmentation issue. She recommended me to take more fruits due to my digestive system which was not working very well to remove toxins, hence the pimples on my chin area.

2. Next, the nurse had to remove my make up (see photo above for make-up less face).

3. Exfoliation of dead skin cells using the EHA exfoliator.

4. Cooling Mist was being done. She explained that cool mist is suitable for all skin types and lesser prone to skin sensitivity. In another words, more suitable and won't open up your pores and "worsening" the troubled skin. (It feels good! Though i've been used to having hot mist)

5. After the cool mist was done, she did a round of pimple extraction for me. I love the feeling of having those nasty zits zapped! Haha... although its a little painful but bearable for me as i've been used to it.

6. She also trimmed my eyebrows for me and taught me where to trim as i think she could tell that i did it at home myself. *lol*

7. See above for equipment used for the hydra facial to clean up my face. Just the right timing to look good during Chinese new year. Yeah! These solution varies from person to person according to what your skin needs. For me to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate. Salicylic Acid to treat those zits and hydraulic acid to cleanse and hydrate the skin.

Check out this cool nozzles often used by facial salons for diamond peel. The photo below shows my facial dirt from this cleansing process. This one doesn't hurt. It has a smooth surface, so it goes easy on the skin.

8. Next what happen was that 2 colours of lights was flashed at me. Red and blue. I think it was mainly to kill bacterial and brighten my skin. I had to wear goggles to protect my eyes from the bright lights.

9. She then put lavender mask for me, this various accordingly to your skin condition that day. Hope the following image will not scare you that much. Haha. You can choose not to cover your mouth if you would like. (Normally i don't)

10. As she did not want my face to be aggravated, she massaged my shoulders and neck but skipped my face.

11. About 3 other products was put on my face after I was unmasked and my face was cleansed. This includes the eye cream, moisturiser and sunblock all under the EHA brand... that's of course.

Call them now to enquire the prices of the facial and have a customised Medi facial.
My session cost about $250++ (can't really remember the price)
but it really depends on what facial you are doing. Its really good and Winnie mentioned that each facial can last about 2 weeks unlike the normal ones which can last you only a few days.

To end of this post, that is the radiant, hydrated me without any make up and my nurse Winnie. She had also helped me take most of the photos here. Thanks Winnie. I am looking forward to coming back for more! I enjoyed this medi facial very much especially with Winnie who explained each step and helped me with the photo-taking.
Hope you had fun reading and yup, do call them now!

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