Contest Win Review: A date with DreamSkinSpa


I was treated to a choice of facial or massage through a facebook contest of the best wish by DreamSkinSpa. I had thus chosen the massge, though tempted with the facial too! Although I was about 15 minutes early, i was glad that my therapist was ready to receive me. Sam their marketing staff was also very friendly and ready to explain to me if i need any help or have any queries, he will be there to answer me.

Although the tampines outlet is located in a HDB area and they had very limited space to work on. I was very impressed by the room decoration. I like the way they integrate simple things together, it made me relax and ready to enjoy my complimentary massage.

There were a total about 9 rooms on the 2nd floor of this shop front as compared to the Bukit Batok Branch which as about 3 retail shop spaces. (Both my therapist and Sam kept raving about their Bukit Batok Branch), they made me so tempted to check out the place!

Other than massage, they also offer facial and slimming services. You can check out their website for their services or call them to make an appointment to understand more.

So why do we need a massage?

Full Body Massage will promote to relaxation and improved sleep, ease the symptoms of stiff, tired joints, encourage improved circulation and speeds up digestion. It will also give you a good night rest! 

My massage experience with my therapist was good. 

She used lavender oil for my massage rub. (Although i am not sure what kind or brand, as i wasn't shown). I was in pain everywhere because of overworking my body i think? But I tried to stay quiet the whole time. I like the way she really rubs your skin with appropriate strength, not too hard or soft but perfect for me. She was also constantly checking if her strength was good enough. She was sensitive to certain areas where you will feel more pain. Questioning you if you would usually sit by the computer and staring at the screen for long hours or wearing heels all the time.

 She warns you in advance about where the pain would come from. She also explained to me that I may see some markings on my skin after the massage, this is normal and would go away after a few days. I could tell from the way she does it that she was quite experienced. I felt great after the massage as if all my muscle tensions were released. 

I was imagining at the back of my mind that my husband will be screaming if he was the one lying here.

After all the massage, she followed me down where she later promoted some of their services for me at promotional prices after my casual chat with Sam about their services. No hard-selling which was good! But perhaps my therapist could explain more about their services. I was expecting more explanation then price and promotion.

Sam recommended the 3D massage for working executives which was a fusion of human and machine massage to ease muscle tensions and stress on the body. The machine will penetrate infra rays straight into your body so as to relieve the pain from your nerves.
(You may like to check it out if you feel pain in your body)

The finishing touch with a glass of warm water to end the session and a reminder to continue taking warm water to detox. How sweet! By the way, i found out that my therapist has a similar name to mine. She's Pearlyn and i am Pearly. Its so funny and such a coincidence. ;)

They partner with Meditrina listed in Cozycot, for their face and skin beauty products so you may be using their products when you patronize them.

They are also using Doctre for their facial and spa products. Heard from Sam that
many of their customers loved these.

You may also find out more about them through their website. They are currently having on going promotions, contest and home use face sponge giveaway (Guess what? they forgotten to give me mine, perhaps it was done on purpose so I would go back again. Haha. ). Anyway... start following them if you haven't. You may be the next lucky winner!

By the way i happen to see this promotion on their facebook. I think its really worth going for and you may just want to give them a call! I think it'll be totally worth it! I am so tempted to give it a try! Meanwhile, I hope to hear some good news from them soon! :)

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