Review: My Scheming Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask


Are you constantly suffering on blemish and oily skin like me? Dislike having puffy red skin when you wake up in the morning and seeing those annoying red spots?

Have you tried the Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask from My Scheming? 

This mask promises to deeply clean and clarify pores to minimize its appearance and
prevent blemishes. Its somewhat like a medical mask (in my opinion). It also refreshes your skin to make it more even, lighter and brighter.

You can purchase it at $14.50 for a pack of 10s available at all Watsons Store! Do also check out other beauty stores like SaSa. :)

Check out the ingredient list and mask description. This mask is especially good for those with oily skin. It helps in control of oil and provide you a fresh,mild and soft skin. It effectively removes dirt, get rid of aged cuticles and enhance metabolism, in return it brings you a bright and transparent skin. It sounds like botox! (the cheaper version).

Here's me making a fool of myself with the pearl sheet which locks in all the moisture and make it easier for you to put your mask sheets on without worrying about the dirt and germs on your fingers. (You should always wash your face and hands before masking!)

See the amazing results below? 
My pores are smaller, face is brighten and my acnes were reduced.
Can you see the translucent bouncy skin that I now have? It is never by chance!

This mask has a very mild medicine smell but I don't really mind because I
see the results of my face the next day. It didn't totally cleared up
immediately but after several days of use, may face turned out really well.

If you have very oil skin or perhaps its just the break-out, try
using this mask once every 2 days for a week.
It kind of work well for me. I use this mask like a treatment of blemishes when i have really bad break outs.
 It will reduce the oil build up on my skin hence I see my face clearing up slowly.

Having said that, not everything that works on my skin,
will work on your skin. So use it with discretion.
Do follow my scheming mask on their facebook for all promotions.

Here is Pearly, 
Signing off.

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