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You may have already seen this somewhere, or perhaps tried this Whitening Range or taken up the 2 weeks challenge. A
bove is the advertisement of the Fancl Whitening Essence if you had yet to see it. You may read more about the amazing whitening range product on their website.

Do you have issues of pigmentation, dark spots and freckles like I do? I believe in this sunny island of ours (Singapore), you are bound to face such issues. Then you will need this  range of products. Recently I have also observed a surge of skin care products promoting whitening. Maybe its just us Asians that yearns to have a whiter and fairer skin? 

Sometime these skin issues are so disturbing that I have to put on layers on concealers and make up before I dare to step out of my house. My colleagues had ever commented how bad they were after I was constantly under the afternoon sun for my weekend swimming lessons.

The range I was given, consist of the 1. Whitening Emulsion 1 Lotion (Hydrate), 2. Whitening Essence(Nourish), 3. mask sheet(intensify) and 4. Whitening Emulsion lotion(Protect).

And so, I was lucky enough to be provided this set for my trial under the 2 weeks program. How did this product fare? Read on to find out more:

Overall, I really love how well this range works on me. Especially to lighten my freckles and spots. It doesn't remove them, but it lightens them slowly. It also hydrates my skin fully. Check out the before and after photos. Please note that i did not put on any make up on either of the photos and lighting conditions may differ. Let the photos speaks for themselves.
Summary of key improvements on my skin :

  • Improvement on freckles
  • Skin is fairer
  • Skin looks more glowy 
  • Skin is radiant
  • Reduce pigmentation
  • Reduce redness 
  • No itchy feeling or sticky feeling when product is applied
  • Scar marks are also slightly lightened
  • Skin more firmed and less puffy

Do check out Fancl Facebook page for more information on their products!

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