Advert: Who can be the Mentholatum Acnes Ultimate Ulzzang? It’s all depends on you! by 1 September 2013


Hey are you already a fan of ACNES? 
Do you know that they are actually one of my first
few sponsored products? Its been a few years back by now.

Lets get back on track. Today's purpose is to let you know how you can win some prizes for yourself
simply by showing your love and support to these Mentholatum Acnes Ulzzang"ers".

What you stand to win:
1. A pair of GV movie tickets (x3 lucky voters) yes.. just by voting!
2. A Polaroid Camera (x3 Lucky Instagram"ers") because the prize is better, you gotta do more work!

Huh instagram? Where? What? How do I win the Polaroid Camera?
Acnes Medicated Skincare Sg on instagram 
2. LIKE their instagram posts.
Just like how you follow pearlywerkz on instagram.
3. Post a close up picture of yourself in best Ulzzang, beautiful and with clear skin.
4. Upload it on instagram and
HASHTAG #MetholatumAcnes #UltimateUlzzang.
TAG ‘Acnes Medicated Skincare Sg’ Instagram account.

Okay, I prefer to win the movie ticket as it is easier... So How do I vote:
 Click here to vote.

By When:
(Now till 1 September 2013)

What's more if i don't win a voters prize:
Redeem an Acnes 3 steps sample kit here!

That's all folks! Simple? 
Go ahead and vote now or post your photos!



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