Blogger and Media Event: Unveling the mystery behind the colourful bottles V10Plus + Anti-Aging workshop with Dr Elias Tam Part 1


I have to admit that I haven't been very familiar with this particular brand. While I was toying with the idea of staying at home sleeping the day off vs attending the blogger's event, since i haven't been to one for awhile now... so I finally came to the decision that i should spend my Saturday afternoon effectively. So..why not learn more about anti-aging with Dr Elias Tam and at the same time about V10Plus?

The event was held at The Japanese Association, which was quite a centralized area and not too far for everyone to head to. Great choice! (But anyways i took a cab from a nearby MRT station *lol*)

These colorful bottles was love at first sight. Any of my friends who knows me well enough will know that i have a soft spot for products with interesting packaging especially in bottle forms and colors. (Bingo!) You will soon know what i am referring to.

The products that were available for us to test and was "neglected at the corner" cause everyone was more interested and fascinated with the products which you will soon see below.

Their best seller serum. The V10 Plus Licorice serum which is a natural herb medication for rough skin. This serums helps to sooth skin irritation and calms down inflamed pimples and irritation caused by sunburn. Good on sensitive skin.

These are the 10 serums that represents V10. They have also won the hearts of many celebrities. One of which is the famous Mediacorp actress Fann Wong! 

Have you ever wonder who is the founder of V10? Amazing isn't she? She gave life to 10 colorful bottles which colored the lives of many! Although i think her concept/idea is quite similar to some other brands in the market (which i shall not name who in this post).

Mrs Akiko Yokota, the founder of V10 Plus speaks to us about the V10 Plus serums.
Her philosophy is "Beautiful Skin = Clean, Bright, Glowing Skin without any make-up".
So i guess you can imagine how great she looks! Almost flawless!

V10 Plus is known internationally across 16 countries and 8 years in business, now they are the proud main skincare sponsor for Ms Singapore 2013 Pageant.

Take note that they cannot be purchased off the shelves and are only available through some salons in Singapore. Internationally, they are in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Hong Kong, Philippines, Latvia, Finland, Romania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Australia, Japan and USA.

V10 Plus actually has much more to it!

The 10 means:

1. No paraben
2. No artificial color
3. No mineral oil
4. no chemical fragrance
5. water based
6. customized serums for 10 skin problems (a result of 10 serums)
7. dermatologist tested
8. visible results in just 10 days
9. color therapy from colorful bottles
10. made in japan

Ms Nina Forsell, distributor of V10 in Finland who flew all the way here to support this event. (Bravo!!! for her spirit and enthusiasm for the brand) I can understand why she bags so many V10 brand awards!

(Photo from V10 facebook page, as they turned off the lights when he was speaking. I should had taken a photo of him before they switched off! *stomps feet*)

Dr Elias Tam of EHA Clinc also shared with us his experience in his research and his field (anti-aging and pigmentation) of expertise like nose filling, (not only woman do it, and its all so that you look better, and boost your confidence level) how to combat aging and pigmentation? Using sunscreen! It was quite surprising to learn that there are so many different types of pigmentation. He spoke with so much knowledge, humor and wit. He said that everyone is the most beautiful when in the dark and the places where it's covered from the sun "your bums" will not age as fast as those that would be directly exposed. How nice if we can cover ourselves everywhere! This will prevent us from aging! How true... as we want our face to be smooth and fair as a baby's bum. Haha... There was so much that he shared that I wish you were there with me to listen for yourself.

I had the little honor to speak with him about my pigmentation issues which he was so quick to realize and point out (must be due to his profession) and suggested that i get them cured at his clinic. (Hope to fix it soon! I've been wanting to get good riddance of my pigmentation for the longest longest time already and I think he is none other than the best person to help me with it). You guys should check out my EHA facial experience in his EHA Clinc. It was seriously one of the most lasting one i ever had. (Though i am a very lazy person, i don't usually go for facials).

We had a round of food (chicken wings, sandwiches, sushi and fruits) before I went around mingling with some of the bloggers and finally headed home. It was nice meeting them and having a little chat.

To spare you the agony of an extremely long post, i will share with you my reviews of the 2 goodie bag products (The brightening Cleanser & Collagen Serum) in Part 2 of my post.

The brightening Cleanser is one of the items in our goodie bags!

The V10 Plus Collagen Serum.
Last but not least... thank you V10 and Dr Elias Tam for extending the invitation
to this event to learn more about anti-aging and V10 product range. I feel so happy to receive one of these fabulous V10 serum bottles for trial.

Before you go.. do check out V10 for their promotions, workshop and the latest V10 news!

For store location on where you can purchase V10plus serum.
You may view via this link :

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