Food Review: 30th Anniversary 30 FAbulous Celebratory Dishes at The Seafood International Market and Restaurant


It's my great pleasure and honor to be treated to a night of feasting at The Seafood International Market and Restaurant, along with 9 other experienced bloggers.

The Seafood International Market and Restaurant ~ If It swims we have it~

You have probably seen this familiar tagline along with the neon-lit "Lobster" logo lighting facing the East Coast Parkway. It functions as “lighthouse” for all seafood lovers in search of live, highly quality seafood. If you frequent East Coast Park and in the past "Big Splash" this should be no stranger to you. Does it ring a bell now?

Thirty years later, the restaurant has gradually transformed to become not just a seafood
restaurant, but also an exciting and trusted destination for many.

Did you know that the restaurant has been conferred the World’s First “ASEAN Seafood Restaurant” title by ASEAN Fisheries Federation since 1992, amongst a host of other accolades ?

A Photo of me in front of the famous neon lit signage.

While waiting for everyone to arrive and the dishes to be served, I was busy testing the camera and "warming up".

Here we are. Hungry and eagerly waiting for our food. I will present to you the some of the must eat dishes while you are there! On each photo you will find their dish number which is located on their 30th Anniversary card, this will help you when placing your orders.

Fine selection of red and white wines for you to go with the dishes. There's Tiger Beer too. If you are not a wine or beer person don't fret. They do serve orange juice, guava juice as well as Chinese tea. These drinks are all free flow!

The super fresh and big oyster is really good without the fishy smell. That's the reason why you don't see lemon here. Its super nice even without the Chili Marmalade.

You must try "the challenging to eat" gong gong but the super duper fresh and big prawns that all of us loved, great to have even without the spicy cocktail sauce.

The very nicely and cleverly presented Shooter of Mango with Crab Meat Salad is one of my favorites as the mango is so fresh, sweet and yummy, goes well with the savory of the crab meat and the best thing is that I don't have to get my hands messy on this dish.

Singapore's Famous Chilli Crab is a must try, must eat. I love the rich and slightly spicy sauce which we Singaporeans loved to dip our deep fried buns (Mantou) to eat with it. Many tourist come to Singapore to eat this. Classic!

This version is the Signature Thai Curry Crab. The curry is not spicy at all but the gravy has great flavor too. Eat this with the garlic bread which they had given. A slight twist to the Chilli Crab which you should eat to see which you like better.

I love all things sweet and spicy especially this Tom Yam Soup. It has chilli padi in it. So beware of it tantalizing your taste butts. You can taste the sweetness of the seafood along with the soup. One more bowl please!

Go for the Wok Fried Live Prawn as it is so crispy you can just eat everything. I love prawn too! You could tell them from my list of recommended must eats! The egg floss is a clever twist to the traditional cereal prawn.

Last but not least, go for this fried marble Goby fish if you love deep fried fish like me. Not too oily and not too salty, they cooked this dish to perfection.

You can go for the steamed Thai Live Sea bass in replacement if you prefer a steamed fish dish. This is fresh and yummy.

If you like strong flavors, go for these honey chicken skewers. This is one of the easier to eat chicken sticks which will go very well with rice. Its a pity the black pepper was covered by the salty taste.

Take a break in between your food to try out some of the desert shooters filled with the Organic Green Tea Soy Bean, Chilled Herbal Jelly or Red Ruby and Tako.

There are other red bean paste snacks, pastries and kueh kuehs which are worth trying.

The service of the staff was great as they put on the apron for us before we ate our crab and they were also quick in changing plates. Only sometimes they cleared it too fast, even before we could finish our dish. Food and company was definitely great too!
I miss the yummy chilli crab and i feel hungry now! Are you? :)

Check out the above poster or click here for more information of prices and how to proceed with making an enquiry or reservations with them.

Address: 902 East Coast Parkway, Block A, #01-01, Big Splash S449874
Tel: 6345 1211 /1212

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  1. nice review! pictures are well taken too. truly looks delicious!

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for the comment. You should try it! Its really yummy ;)

  3. Picture #3 Tiger Prawn is my favourite photo of this review!!!

  4. Thanks Sheryl! That's my fav too ;P


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