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Do you have issues of thinning hair, greying or white hair?

Are they troubling you and now become a concern for you to look good and feel confident of yourself? Do you often wish that your hair was black and shiny? Are you are unsure of how to go about it?

If all signs points to yes, then you should follow me through this journey of self exploration to discover what is causing these issues, before we solve your hair issue. Its better to know the reason and tailor a solution for it, than to try all methods and see which fits.

Lets look at the main causes of hair loss/ grey hair?

1. Asthenia of Qi and blood
2. Poor Liver and Kidney Functions
3. Hormonal Imbalance

Luckily for me I do not face such issues as since young my mum had been very conscious of my hair appearance. She feeds me things like black bean, seaweed and all kinds of Chinese herbs thrown into soups to make sure that my hair will be black and shiny. (as an overall well-being, although it is not scientifically proven)

Having said that, it doesn't deter me from using 101 ways to maintain and keep that black and shine on my hair. I have a friend Rella who used to tell me, nothing is too much for the hair. Dear friend, I totally agree with you. Lets hope we get some hair product sponsor after this post yeah? :)

So back to the topic! If you are facing some or all of the above issues, then are you doing anything about it? You can definitely go to a hair salon and get your hair dyed black for grey hair issue. Buy a hair dye and DIY at home? But is it going to solve your grey hair issue? If the hair roots are already grey, new hair will still be grey anyways! So you need to do something to the roots!

If you thought of going to the hair treatment center but is afraid that your ego may strike you. Then perhaps I may have a better solution for you.

What about a product that is SOLD OUT for 2 months upon its launch in Hong Kong?

Introducing to you Vita Hair. Even if you are not currently facing all the above issues, but you would still like to maintain your healthy hair. (Like me). You can take these health supplements. And... as I've said before in my previous post. Chinese supplements do more good than harm as compared to western supplements/medications. However, you need to be disciplined to see results. Don't expect miracles. (Use a wig or hair spray if you want it to be immediate). This product is suitable for male and female.

Lets find out what in it? And how it works for you.
  • Benefit Qi and blood
  • Nourish liver and kidney
  • Maintain Hormonal Balance

Lets find out how to use it?

Consume 3 capsules per day (Yes i know its tough, especially for people who dislike to swallow pills. Try taking separately one at a time and with warm but not hot water)

My thoughts:

Thank you The Sample Store for the sponsorship of 3 bottles of Vita Hair. I am looking forward to healthier hair!

I have been taking these pills once a day for almost a month plus now. (My first bottle is finishing) usually after my breakfast so I give my stomach a break after taking Vita Yin Yang which I have previously reviewed here.

There is no big observations on my hair. They were black and still black (not sure if any blacker) but I did realize that it helps my hair loss a little, especially when i sweep the floor now, i don't see so much of my hair and when i clear the drainage area during my morning showers, i felt significantly better, because its easier to clear now. My hair also appears less fragile and breakable.

According to a 6-weeks research conducted, 30% - 40% Hair Growth was witness with a 40 day treatment. (My hair had indeed growth longer but no scientic studies to prove that it is due to this supplement.)

So, for all those who are still thinking... Go grab a bottle now at your local phramacies! It will definitely do more good than harm to you. Its time to shower your hair with some love and care the TCM way!


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