Sponsored Review: OXY Oasis Therapy Medi Facial from EHA


The face of a person is the most important. This is the first place that someone will usually look at you before they look at your overall image. Knowing this, women therefore spend tons of dollars each day buying all sorts of beauty products regardless if it is suitable for them or not to beautify themselves. Do you wish that you can look like a beauty queen? Wish for a pleasant face to be looked at first. (Without make-up)

What do you do when you have a little extra cash to spare? Do you go shopping, eating or do you spend them on pampering your face, or nails or hair? For me, I used to go for pimple extraction in beauty salons every alternate months or so due to my bad pimple issue. Thanks to my beautician whom i trusted for many years, she managed to help me with it. But ever since after marriage, I haven't been able to find a good and trusted one around my area. Many that I have went to have very inexperienced beauticians, which i simply cannot trust my face with anymore. I've read about so many bad encounters that puts me away.

To whoever is reading this and is interested to be my long-term facial sponsor, *hint hint* I will be so pleased to get rid of my pigmentation and acne/pimple issue. I may be going on my own, after which I will only take what my doctor prescribes and probably have to stop beauty products review in a bit.

Unknowingly, I have typed so much about myself. Now let me share with you my 2nd encounter with the beauticians at EHA. Honestly speaking, I feel very happy and really honored to be sponsored these treatments and for them to be able to let me experience their facial services for the 2nd time. Thanks for placing your trust in me. :)

The big signage you will see when you enter Dr Elias Tam's EHA Clinc

A beautiful painting on the wall of my room

The basic facial procedures in a med-facial took place. I could briefly remembered.
They are make-up removal,
(She did checked if i wanted eyebrow trimming), did cool misting to open up my pores, pimple extraction (minimal in this facial as mentioned by Viki my beautician) dead skin removal, and shoulder massage will take place in this Medi Facial. The only difference is in the machine that was used and the serums that were used to "pump" the oxygen into my skin, there were also no mask done, she only applied toner and pimple cream.

Picture of my dead skin which Vicki took off from my face after the diamond peel

Oxy Oasis Therapy Medi Facial:

  • Formulated for all skin types
  • Makes use of Oxygen as a skin rejuvenator to keep your skin healthy
  • Hydrates, tones and produces a glow on your face
  • Designed to improve skin immunity by regenerating cell metabolism
  • Oxygen penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin to stimulate new cells formation

The OxyOasis Micro Mist Facial System
The OxyOasis Micro Mist Facial System Oxygen Concentrator tank
The activator and oxygen serum used

The infra lights used to clear the skin and kill off bacteria

Advantages of Oxy Oasis Therapy Medi Facial:

  • Reduces fine lines
  • Firms up the skin
  • Refines the pores
  • Hydrate and tones your skin
  • Produces a glowing face 
  • Revitalizes skin instantly for a luminous healthy complexion.
My views:I enjoyed this facial experience because it was relaxing and the results were good. My skin looks glowing, supple and hydrated. It felt really good in boosting my confidence. It felt firmer and my face looked somewhat less bubbly (fat?) perhaps of the firming and lifting effect, without me having to go under the knife. Cool! It is still looking good despite days has passed and does not leave any traces of redness on my skin or had any adverse effects. Not quite sure if anyone will have problems with Oxygen at all? Haha!

But as a blogger's perspective, I did not mange to take much photos this round because Viki (my beautician) was keeping herself busy with my face. I enjoyed talking to her and finding out more about her. She is friendly, so earnest in learning and it was definitely tough getting where she is today. I definitely had a very pleasant experience with her and heres wishing her all the best in her career and marriage. :)

However, I felt that my facial was finished in a bit of a rush as the full facial was supposed to be 150 minutes, but she was done at about 120 minutes++. (This could also be due to the fact that I did not sleep due to the on/off of bright lights.)

For your information, there were also no masking done for this medi facial and there were not much pimple extraction as she had mentioned to me at the beginning.

Rating :  

3/5  for her attitude and service. My expectation from her was higher because Winnie provided me excellent services and helped me a lot in photo-taking.

4/5 for the medi facial as results was good and there were no unplesant outbreaks after doing the facial. The redness was also clearing off very fast, within hours after the facial.

Do follow EHA Clinic on their facebook and website to keep yourself updated on their news, promotions and contest.
Go now and be a fan of theirs... :)

This treatment takes approximately 150 minutes, and it will cost you $368. Now I have a great piece of news for all my readers! Because you are the special lot, do mention that you are a reader of Pearlywerkz when you make your facial appointment and you will get 50% off your Oxy Oasis Therapy Medi Facial, which means that you pay only $184! Good deal right! Go for it if you wallet allows you! The results are great for me and hope they do the same for you too. Do consult the beauticians before doing any kind of facial.

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