Beauty Product Review: Its MAGIC! With ONL Oceaniq 3D Anti-Wrinkle Total solution CC Cream (Sponsored)


Photo of me after make-up and application of ONL Oceaniq 3d Anti-Wrinkle Total Solution CC Cream. It totally gives me a light, fresh and flawless and natural look.

After the J-pop era, K-pop seems to be the next IN thing. It also seems like they are here to stay! Many have also followed the Korean fashion and make-up. So today, I am going to introduce you my new set of Korean skincare and beauty products. Since this is the first time we are looking at this brand, let me tell you more about them first.

Who is sOmang?

sOmang, a popular beauty and cosmetic brand from Korea is a re-brand of Beauty Credit. Not only do they carry skin care products, they are into hair care products too. sOmang has won numerous awards for popularity, quality and business excellence.

In April 2013, sOmang brought in ONL. It is a range of high quality skincare and make-up products aim to improve your lifestyle and build the confidence you never had! (Isn't it the same philosophy that pearlywerkz believe in?)

The 3 products shown above are:

  • ONL by sOmang Oceaniq 3d Anti-Wrinkle Total solution CC cream(In the pink box)
  • ONL by sOmang Midnight Regenerating Hydro Intense Sleeping Cream (in the baby blue box) and
  • ONL by sOmang Midnight Regenerating Sleeping Gel Sheet.(Leaning behind)
In this post, I will only be introducing to you ONL by sOmang Oceaniq 3d Anti-Wrinkle Total Solution CC Cream. I am sure you are familiar with BB (Blemish Balm) Cream. CC cream provides better coverage, blending and treatment of uneven skin tones. This is in addition to covering and treating acne spots and sunblock properties provided by a BB Cream.

Do you know that ONL means Today in Korean? Now you know! And hey you have learned a new Korean word :)

This CC Cream acts as a 5-in-1 skin care solution acts as a primer and foundation with a UV protection of SPF 30/PA++ repairing your wrinkles and provides whitening effects. Bid goodbye to dry, dark and wrinkly skin as it revitalize your aging skin, helps lift your face and creates a lasting effect up to 12 hours with only one use. I have personally tested the effectiveness of this cream on 2 occasions. Once for a day of walking and shopping outdoors, and one with a visit to the S.E.A Aquarium with activities indoors.

It has proven to work! That means no more having to touch up! Hurray!

Application of the product

Remove the stopper from the dispenser and press downwards to dispense the CC cream.

About the product

The CC Cream comes in a metallic pinkish hygienic dispenser of 35ml retailing at the price of S$69.90. Its hygienic dispenser ensures product is not contaminated when unused. You also do not have to be afraid of wastage, as you only need to dispense whichever amount you require! This is so different from the usual tubes that we get for a BB Cream.

As i apply this CC cream on to my hand i was wondering why it was so white?
Wouldn't I be looking too white if i applied this on my face?

Moments later, i noted that this CC cream has a color-changing property that blends nicely into my skin tone. It looks natural on my skin, not cakey, not thick and not oily at all. So amazing isn't it? Its works like magic! I see it turn from white to beige finally blends nicely into my skin tone color.

A comparison of my hands before and after the CC cream application. The top photo shows my hand with the application of CC cream, the bottom one is without.


As with all skin products, do test them out before you smack all the cream all over your face as this cream may not suit your skin. Especially for people with sensitive skin like me. The best place to test the cream is on your jaw area just below your cheeks.

Do stop using it if you encounter any allergic reactions like itchiness or skin redness.
I do have such issues occasionally as well, the feeling is awful, so you definitely don't want to get there.

This is photo of me posing without any touch up of the CC cream, returning home from a day of shopping. You can see that my CC cream is still covering my face nicely. Truly awesome! The coverage is still intact. Me looks like red ridding hood or not? Haha..

Review and Thoughts:

Photo of me after returning home from a day of shopping! Still looking fresh despite my lipstick is almost gone.


For its ability to withstand long hours both indoor and outdoors, i must say i am impressed. The color changing properties that it contains which had the ability to blend into my skin tone properly had also successfully amused me. I think everyone should just grab hold of this and put their BB creams aside.

Texture and removal:

The CC cream does not feel very thick nor was it difficult to smoother out on my skin although it has some micro bits on it. It was easy to remove with my regular water based make-up removal. This CC cream gives you a Matt non-oily finishing that is suitable for a sensitive skin like mine. No break outs after application!

Packaging and Pricing:

While i love the idea of dispensing the CC cream through the dispenser, I will not carry this around. I guess that signifies confidence from their product that no touch up is needed. Pricing wise, while it may seem a little steep to pay almost S$70 for a CC cream, you only need a small amount for the whole face and you do not need to put any primer, foundation, concealer/sunblock or loose powder with anti wrinkle creams. I bet when you add up all these creams it already cost you more than S$100! Best thing this is 5-in-1 so you save all the time in the world to apply all those creams separately and stop trying so hard to blend those cream on to your skin hoping that it matches your skin tone!

Overall feel & repurchase:

So far I am loving this CC cream so there is a possibility of me repurchasing it. Why not, when it gives me such flawless skin?

Overall Rating:

Ladies, its time to stand up and be confident of yourself. Remember, you are more beautiful than you thought you are! Now, tell me how you feel about this CC cream?
Will you be buying it? Comment away!

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Where can I buy this ?

Currently it is available in Somang/Beauty Credit in Singapore is located at the following places:


SERANGOON NEX #01-77 (Serangoon MRT)
23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083

AMK HUB #02-42 (Ang Mo Kio MRT)
53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore 569933

CAUSEWAY POINT #01-23A (Woodlands MRT)
1 Woodlands Square, Singapore 738099


JURONG POINT #B1-85 (Boon Lay MRT)
63 Jurong West Central 3, Singapore 648331

The revolutionary of Creams from BB to CC and maybe in future there will be DD creams, simply puts me in awe.

Do look forward to reviews of the other 2 products coming to you soon!
Thank you sOmang for these amazing products! Its mega love!

Be confident,
Be yourself.


Pearly Tan

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