Skin Care Product Review: Ziaja Day & Night Cream ..Got Goat's Milk Review (Sponsored)


I do know that goat's milk is great for people who are lactose intolerant. However, this is the first time I have tried goat's milk on my skin. I am surprised why I have not tried it on my skin or even bathing with it thou i have heard so much about it and the benefits of having a smooth a silky skin after using them.

Boy am I glad to be part of the goat's milk gang. Introducing to you this new brand associated with goat's milk which is extremely moisturizing for the skin and makes you feel pampered like a diva queen! Oh yes, they smell like baby powder too!

These are now in sunny island Singapore after making waves in 28 other countries! Finally its our turn! Hey, why didn't I met you earlier?

They are super affordable (Everything below S$10), its their motto and they insist they will not charge you anything more than that, and they do great for your skin.

Lets find out more about them.

Who is Ziaja?

ZIAJA Ltd (Gia-ya) is a Polish producer of pharmaceuticals, focused on production of high-quality cosmetics based on natural ingredients for face, body and hair care. They are a family-owned company, established in 1989 in Gdansk by pharmacists Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja.

Their products are clinically and allergy tested at the Dermatology Clinic of the Gdansk Medical Academy and other clinics in Poland as well as abroad (children's preparations are additionally tested at the "Pomnik Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka" clinic). Be rest assured that they do not test on animals and the products you applied on your skin is pH balanced.
This shows how much they care about us, their consumers.

You will not see celebrities endorsing or advertising for this brand, Ziaja promise you this, because Ziaja believe in spending the dollars on the products more than spending on celebrities.

Show me thy products

The 2 products which I will be reviewing are ZiaJa Goat's Milk Day and Night Cream
(for dry and wrinkle prone skin).

I like their compact 50ml packaging for both the goat's milk day and night cream.
It looks clean, neat and simple, it tells us how the brand sees themselves as a beauty skincare product. Nothing fanciful, just sincerity in their products with the billy goat.
How apt.

Benefits of the day and night cream are the same.

In case if you are wondering if both boxes looked the same, there are slight differences.
The day cream comes in a normal white cardboard box while the night cream has a reflective box.

The cream is sealed with a kiss! *Muahss* I mean sealed with aluminum foil to lock in the freshness and guarantee the quality of the product. This also ensures that no one tampers with your product until you personally opens it.

The key ingredients which they contain are the same with the exception that day cream has additional UVA/UVB organic filters and provitamin B5. (Makes sense as you want to filter out some UV rays in the day, while you don't need them at night)


Photos showing my skin before, during and after application of the Ziaja goat's milk night cream.

I love these creams as they smell so good like baby powder. It feels almost like a transparent second skin locking moisture in my skin. The day cream is gentle, thus allowing me to layer my CC cream on. I use the day cream as a base moisturizer to protect my skin from the cosmetics I put on my skin and combat dryness.

After apply the day cream, I find that it is easier for me to put on my daily cosmetics . This cream doesn't prick your skin and doesn't contains petroleum. Most importantly, it works in moisturizing my skin. No more peeling nose now. It is not oily at all and you will not have the typical sticky feeling even if you tend to perspire while applying make up.

The night cream protects my skin from the dryness of the air, keeping my skin moisturized even If I have the air conditioner switched on.

I am now a convert and I have been using these creams ever since.
For its price, effectiveness, smell, quality and everything else that this fabulous brand has to offer to their consumers, I am giving them 5 sunflowers. (Full marks!) Cause there's simply nothing I would like to pick on their creams. I am looking forward to trying out more products from this brand.

Thank you Ziaja for these wonderful creams. :)

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  1. Looks Amazing its goat milk cream! I wanna try too :D

  2. Yes! Hui Ying! Its really good! i smell like baby everyday now! :)

  3. i read on the website that this product is suitable for dry, mature / wrinkle prone skin. i'm 20 so is it ok for me to use it? thxxx

  4. Hello!
    Yes, its perfectly fine for you to use it. This is not an anti-aging cream, even if it is, at the age of 25, we should start using anti-aging already. Its never too early to start. :)

  5. for what age is this recommended for? i'm 19 can i use this? i do have a sensitive skin but i was told that this is targeted at the older realm. How old were you when u started using this?

  6. for what age is this recommended for? i'm 19 can i use this? i do have a sensitive skin but i was told that this is targeted at the older realm. How old were you when u started using this?

  7. Hi, I think 19 is a good age to use this product. Taking care of your skin early is good. :)


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