Beauty Product Review: Itoh Collagen Powder which keeps you forever young (Sponsored)


Every woman wants and deserves a beautiful skin. But every lazy woman finds it difficult and cumbersome to apply so many products to their skin daily. Sometimes we are so busy, and lazy that we "forget" to apply these beauty products.

Besides that, some skincare products contain ingredients that causes rashes, skin redness and are unsuitable for us. So, what else can we do to ensure that our skin stays beautiful?

I would like to introduce to you, Itoh Collagen powder, endorsed by Taiwan beauty guru, Kevin. This natural and chemical free collagen powder is colorless, tasteless, does not contain any sugar and fats! Each sachet contains 3000mg of collagen and can be easily dissolved in your favorite beverages or soups. The molecules in the powder are small, hence they enhance the absorption rate of the collagen. Feel free to take this product at any time of the day. Though I would personally recommend you to take it before you go to bed.

The collagen powder is abstracted from pigskin and cartilage (not suitable for vegetarians and people who cannot consume pork). Fat and gelatin are removed in the purification process and are tested using the Japanese SPF standard.

It is recommended that you take 1-3 sachets per day, either on empty stomach or best before bed. Results will show after 1-2 weeks varying from individuals.

Retails at $49.90 per box (14 Sachets) and available in Guardian Pharmacy stores.

I will show you how I mix it with my favorite drink. You may choose to mix it with any beverages you like. E.g- Fruit juice, coffee, tea , milk and even soup.

I have chosen to take my collagen powder with Yakult.

My Thoughts:
This collagen powder smells like milk powder. It is pleasant and inviting for me to try it. As it does not contain any coloring and sugar, my Yakult drink retains its natural color and taste. (My apple flavor Yakult still taste a little sour).

I observed that the Itoh Collagen powder does not produce any lumps even though I have mixed it with a cold drink. There was no queer taste to it.

Do not expect significant changes after drinking it only once. My overall experience with this collagen drink had been a pleasant one but I did not take it long enough to notice any changes to my skin, but I will continue to take the collagen powder, and look forward to a more supple and bouncy skin!

I love the convenient packaging in a long sachet which I can easily bring along instead of it being in a bottle or packed in a big bag. It also saves the trouble of me having to measure it by spoon. I think that sachet packaging is also more hygienic and prevents collagen powder from being contaminated.

I will be trying my collagen powder with a cup of hot chocolate tonight.

Have you taken any similar collagen powder before? What was your experience like? Feel free to share with me.

Stay beautiful, be confident.

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