Beauty Review: Mordecai Skin Beauty inward and outward + Giveaway [Sponsored]


Special thanks to Mordecai Skin Boutique and Street Directory for this invitation.

One may be easily mislead that this is a facial salon only for man or even mistaken this place as a tuition centre amidst all the other tuition centre. Located somewhere in the heartland of Ang Mo Kio, you can alight at the Ang Mo Kio MRT station and take a walk there. Mr Lam the boss, and his right and left hand woman are very warm, welcoming and friendly. You can be assure that there is totally no hard-selling and no gimmicks with this small team.

Some promotional posters seen to promote their services in the boutique.

Mr Lam and I had a chat after i filled up a questionnaire about my facial needs,before he got his staff to attend to my face.

Mordecai started as a franchise from Face of Man and they believe in using the right products to enhance a person's beauty. There is little use of machines as their focus is on products that are natural (does not contain alcohol,minerals and such) these are so important for someone with a sensitive skin like mine. They believe that beauty comes from inside and outside. They also believe in providing good service, so words of mouth will spread and customers will grow.

There are some interesting facts that he shared with me as we speak:

1. This is a unisex boutique, therefore they do no offer massage service (as woman usually have to change out to the robe/sarong that the facial salon provides)
2. This boutique was initially set up for man, but due to the increasing woman coming to "inspect" the place, they catered facial for woman too.
3. The boutique believe in extraction! (Removal of pimples).
4. All staff are either trained (holds a diploma of aesthetics certificate) or internally trained by senior staff.
5. The boutique focus on good service, word of mouth and using the right products.

Next, let me share with you about my facial experience in the next few photos.

The beautician removed my make up with what felt like only normal water (i wondered if it was clean enough?) and prepared my skin for pimple extraction.

She steamed my face to open up my pores.

Next, she proceed with the pimple extraction. (This step is often skipped by beautician in an effort to save time and trouble).

IPL was done to reduce and improve my pigmentation issues.

We proceed with an ampoule application, cooling facial mask and before I realized,
i was done. No ugly photos of those though, as the mask broke.


All of the staff were very friendly and welcoming. There were no hard selling.
The clinic focus on extraction of pimples which is good, especially for teenagers. Although they specialize in facial for men, you can be assured that ladies are well taken care of too. As they focus on the products they use, there isn't fear of your skin breaking out due to wrong usage of products.

The pimple extraction was a little painful for me but bearable as I'm used to doing that with my previous beautician. My face was glowing after the facial but i feel that more could be done like using antiseptic powder to reduce the redness in the pimples so that the redness goes off sooner than later. Some lotion could be applied after the mask and not let the customer walk out after removal of the mask would be nice too.

I would like to award 3 sunflowers out of 5 for the overall service and atmosphere of the place.

Here is a photo of me and the wonderful team.

Mordecai Skin is located at :

Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
#01-4214, (S)560728

Giveaway for readers!

Now if you like what I have experienced. You will be happy to know that I am rewarding
5 loyal Pearlywerkz fans with the opportunity to try out a free facial with Mordecai Skin.
Facial is applicable for both man and woman. Join with your husband, boyfriend or friend and win this together! This is the season of giving! Rejoice! All 5 vouchers needs to find their owner! :)

Your complimentary 60 minutes facial includes the following:
- Wash
- Scrub
- Steam
- Extraction
- Machine/TM product
- Masque

So follow these steps and I wish you best of luck! Cheers!

Step 1: Like pearlywerkz on Facebook
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Step 3: Comment on this blog post with your name, facebook name, email address and why you want to win this facial to enter into the contest.

Winners will be picked every Sunday before 12 midnight, starting from 8 December 2013.

** Please note that this giveaway is for fans with a Singapore mailing address only.**
** Readers who failed to complete all steps will be disqualified. **
** Winners will be randomly chosen, with priority given to active fans. **

** Vouchers are meant for first-timers with Mordecai Skin only. **


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  1. Hellooo Pearly! :)
    Loving all your awesome reviews~ I would love to win a facial session as I have not try any facial before haha! I always cant decide on which is good or maybe better for my skin conditions. Hope there's a chance to try it soon! Thankyou for the reviews!! :D
    Name: Hui Ying
    Facebook name: Hui Ying Goh
    Email address:

  2. Hi pearly, thanks for the giveaway !
    Name: Tiffany
    Facebook: Tiffany Lim

    Having some outbreak from the stress and Christmas coming :( which girl want to celebrate season with the ugly outbreak :( heelllppp !

  3. All are So Wonderfully Awesome!!! Thank you Pearly! Hope to win <3
    Name: Tay Sze Sze
    Facebook: Richard Tay


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