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Where's a nice place to try some interesting food on a Saturday Morning? I was invited to a round of food tasting along with a few other bloggers at Wan He Lou. Who will reject such a good offer? Hmm.. there's no such thing as free food in this world. It all comes with the price to pay. Either you'll have to pay with work, or sacrifice your waistline.

You cannot miss the big signage along Maude Street with a lobster on it and the beautiful hanging lanterns located just outside the restaurant.

Wan He Lou is only about 10 months old. You may have seen them featured in as well as on Style check in.

Before I introduce to you some awesome dishes, there is something you will like from this restaurant. They do not charge GST and service fees.

A beautiful Chinese lantern hanging above the dinning tables of this family oriented Chinese restaurant.

This is a typical set up of their dining tables.

The overall setting and layout of the restaurant.

This is their Signature Lobster Porridge - $29.90 (good for 2).

The chef will brew the stock for the porridge for a couple of hours to perfection, then using his special recipe and adds in the rice for the porridge and puts in the lobster last. This ensure that the lobster will not be over cooked.

The lobster is taken out of the pot and served separately from our porridge so as to ensure that it will not be overcooked. This makes removing the meat almost effortless.

You can taste the essence of the lobster along with the porridge soup, this beats having plain boring porridge anytime.

Prawn ball with Aloe Vera and Osmanthus - $21.90

The springy prawn balls were delicious with a hint of the Osmanthus fragrance. The only flip side is that though we know how nutritious the Aloe Vera can be, most of us felt that it was a little too bitter if we were to eat the Aloe Vera on its own. We suggested that the Aloe Vera may be made to taste sweeter in this dish but we also understand the risk of spoiling the healthy dish.

Crispy Salt & Pepper Chinese Yam - $12.90

From the looks of this dish, you would have guessed that this was fried scallop, from the first bite you would think that this is chestnut. I would never imagine myself biting into a fried Chinese Yam. This dish is gorgeous! The crunch that the Chinese yam gives you, alongside with the crispy outer batter is an interesting fusion. Do try this when you are here. You will not regret.

The inside of the Chinese Yam, looking absolutely ready for me to plunge my next bite into it.

Fried Cod Fish with spicy sauce
- Price unknown

You can request the way you may like the restaurant to prepare your cod fish. Some like it steamed, while others prefer it fried to a crisp with a sauce over it. Our version was fried over a spicy sauce. It feels more on the sweet side but rather different from what I would usually eat, which is over garlic and steamed to retain its freshness.

Fresh Vegetable Juice - $3

The name would have startled you, especially so if you are one who detest vegetables. This juice made of Pineapple, Sour Plum and CaiXin is not scary at all. It is refreshing and tasty. You cannot really taste the CaiXin. Beat the haze with this must have drink.

Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg - $11.90

If you are here with your drinking buddies or catching up with friends, this is most suitable for you. The Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg dish is a favorite for many including myself. It is more of a snack then a dish itself. The Lotus is sliced thinly and fried to a perfect crisp. I guarantee you will be picking up one after another without a second thought.


Check out their $2 promotion of some of the more popular dishes as they will be celebrating their 1st year Anniversary in the month of April 2014.

They are offering a ONE time only $2 Teat on a selection of your favourite dishes at Wàn Hé Lóu. With every order of their Signature Lobster Porridge (or Lobster Bee Hoon Soup), you will be entitled to order the following second dish for just $2!

Sign Up here.

These are the dishes for different days of the week:
Monday: Crispy Lotus Root with Salted Egg
Tuesday: Chef's Style Smoked Duck Breast
Wednesday: Crab Meat Tofu in Gravy
Thursday: Green Dragon Veggie with Dried Shrimp
Friday: Fresh Vegetable Juice Newton

Overall I enjoyed the lunch very much and the dishes were brilliant.
Check out some of their promotions on their facebook.

Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday
Lunch: 11am to 230pm
Dinner: 5pm to 1030pm

65 Maude Road
(S) 208347

Tel no.:
+65 6294 8057

+65 9138 6330

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