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April is here! Once again love is in the air for my husband and I. While searching around for things to get for the spouse for the anniversary, I came across these Danish Design dress watches, earrings, and other accessories which are suitable for daily wear. I am those kind of lady that would prefer my spouse to wear only our wedding ring and a watch as an accessory, anything else hung around the neck or studs on the ear is considered too much in my personal opinion. Here i list you 10 suggested and practical items to get for your man:

Suggestions on 10 gifts for man:

#1: Shaver
#2: Watch
#3: Smartphone
#4: Belt
#5: Wallet
#6: T-Shirt
#7: Football Jersey
#8: Cologne
#9: Electronic IT gadgets
#10: Handmade items

Stay tuned to the blog this month, for part 2 of the review for ASUS ZenFone Max and check out my previous post for part 1, on my first impressions of the phone.

Come mid of this month, we will be heading to Langkawi, Malaysia for a short trip to spend our anniversary. Its finally my turn to travel. Do follow me on my Instagram account and look forward to my sharing of beautiful pictures taken during our trip. I'll try to find WIFI and post them as frequently as I can. As I am new to this place, feel free to leave a comment on my blog if you think there's anywhere worth visiting or food worth trying for. If you have recommended itineraries, those are welcome too.

Over the last week, we managed to catch the movie, Zootopia! It is a really lovely, funny, witty and heart-warming movie so go catch it if you haven't. This movie is suitable for young children and it teaches them great values, like how to trust someone, friendships, chase your dreams, political stuff etc etc. The family can take this chance to go for a date too. Simple movie dates like this keep a couple strongly bonded together. Make time for your family and always treasure your loved ones.

In Zootopia, witness the adventure of a bunny named Judy Hopps, achieved her dream by being the first ever bunny to graduate from the Police Academy and goes on to Zootopia (where predators and prey alike, live in peace and harmony), to crack criminal cases. You may be tiny in size, but never give up your dreams... dare to dream big.

Image credits: Zootopia

The weather in Singapore seems to get rather hot and dry with little to no rainfall lately and people around me seems to be falling sick. The haze seems to be back as well, so do take good care of yourself by drinking plenty of fluids or tea to detox your body. Have enough rest, take more fruits and give your life a thought. This month, I hope to go slow and find back my motivation in life, in love and in blogging.

Tips to combat Haze:

#Drink plenty of water, fruit juice and tea.
#Avoid exercising over prolonged periods when outdoors.
#Apply moisturizers regularly.
#Apply a face mask before you go to bed to keep your face hydrated.
#Go for regular facials to keep your face clean.
#Wear a mask if you have to head outdoors.
#Try to stay indoors as much as possible.
#Turn on the air purifier/ put on your aroma diffuser to keep the air at home clean.
#Bring medications and eye drops wherever you go.
#Avoid bringing your fur kid for long walks.

Several giveaways will be happening concurrently on my Instagram, till the end of the month so follow me on my Instagram and follow the instructions to win the prizes!

Have you been actively reading my blog? Leave a comment and let me know what you like about it.

Feel free to drop me an email me at pearlywerkz@outlook.com if you have any questions, feedback or collaborations for me.

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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