Beauty Product Review: Gulsha Rose Damascena Distillate and Gulsha Face Oil


*Ding Dong* I received a happy package sometime back.

Have you heard of Gulsha? This brand originates from Turkey. Can you imagine the smell of a thousand roses kept into a bottle? Gulsha contains 99% natural rose extract, so if you are a rose lover like me, read on to find out more about them.

Gulsha Rosa Damascena Distillate is made up of 99.9% natural rose extract, undiluted with water. Through the distillation process, the Damasek Roses, also known as Queen of Flowers is able to hydrate and tone your face. Now imagine bathing your face with a thousand roses! How luxurious!

Though it is one product, it has several uses!
However take note that it does contains Benzyl Alcohol. 

Product uses:
1. Act as toner. Soak a cotton wool and swipe it on your face.
2. Used on mask sheets as a face mask or smaller cotton pads as an eye mask.
3. Sprayed on your face as a face mist.

4. Rosa Damascena Distillate is so pure that you can even use this as an aromatherapy oil.

I've tried the last option of using as a aromatherapy oil but I  would not encourage you to do it on a burner. I tried it and the smell was quite faint. I would rather you dap it somewhere where you could smell it like a hanky or your pillow as this is not a concentrated aromatherapy oil.

The Gulsha team was so sweet to include this little container and mask sheets so I try masking with it.

As it is a distillate, it feels watery and light as I apply it on my skin. The smell of the rose gets dispersed rather quickly so it does overwhelms. The light scent makes me feel good and have a little perk me up effect each time i pat them gently into my skin. There is no artificial sweetness smell at all. It moisturizes and cleanses my skin so well, like a toner would do.

Lets look at the Gulsha Face Oil.

For the
Gulsha Face Oil, It is known to be a skin enhancing Elixir. It is highly is a highly concentrated rose essence containing more than 4000kg of Damask Roses for just 1 litre of pure oil.

Despite being an essential oil, this rose oil is suitable even for acne prone skin as it have the highest energy at 320 MHZ and being the lowest in comedogenic scale. It is also
free of parabens, sulfates, artificial colorings, synthetic rose oil and fragrances.

The Gulsha Face oil has the following benefits:

• oxygenate the skin and aid healing
• boost hydration without leaving any oily residue
• balance oil/sebum production
• enhance softness
• improve skin’s elasticity
• rejuvenate the skin and add radiance

The Gulsha Face oil will make you feel like sitting in a bed of roses. The scent of rose is strong and a little sweet and the oily feeling stays on your skin upon application. You can  feel how concentrate the oil is. I really like how it feels on my skin. You can mix a little of this oil onto your BB cream and keep your face moisturized all day long!

Try it for yourself today!

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