Food Review: Paradise Dynasty (Vivo City Branch)


Mother's day is fast approaching. Have you started thinking where to bring your greatest mum? If you haven't already decided about the dining option, perhaps you can read on my post and hopefully you will get some ideas from where I ate.

Follow me into this newly opened Paradise Dynasty in VivoCity (Harbor front), which takes over the previous Imperial Herbal Restaurant. The restaurant is located opposite of Daiso and on the same floor as your monorail entrance to Sentosa.

Keep your eyes peeled to this page and keep your stomach empty as I assure you that the pictures on this post will make you hungry after seeing them.

In view of the upcoming Mother's and Father's Day, Paradise Dynasty has lovingly crafted, with daddy and mummies in mind, an interesting combination of 2 new flavored Xiao Long Bao. These 2 nourishing flavours are Dang Gui (Pink) and Shi Quan Xiao Long Bao. They have named this dish, the Tribute Basket of Love.

Benefits of Dang Gui:
Known as the women's herb, commonly used as a tonic for the bloof and for treating female gynecological disorders.

Benefits of Shi Quan:
A traditional formula consisting of 10 herbs known to improve health conditions and alleviate symptoms of fatigue, anemia etc.

I have included a picture demonstrating how you should be enjoying your Xiao Long Bao.

Price: $13.90 for public
$11.90 for ANZ Credit/Debit card members and PGR Members

Shi Quan (green) is more flavorful than Dang Gui but both have great health benefits. You wouldn't want to miss ordering this dish because these are their latest flavor. Enjoy the oozing soup coming from your Xiao Long Bao and be sure to eat them piping hot. The skin is of the right texture so it doesn't tear easily when lifted from their trays.

Taste: 4/5
Presentation: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Serving Portion: 5/5

Next up, I decided to try the Braised Pork Belly. This is also a must try dish. If you are a fan of fatty meats or 三辰肉 (San Cheng Rou) this will not disappoint you. The gravy is rich and not oily, though this has fatty meats you can still taste the tenderness of the meat, minus the sinful feeling of the fats. My only regret was that I didn't have a bowl of rice to go with it.

Price: $14.80 for public

Taste: 4.5/5
Presentation: 4/5
Value For Money: 3/5
Serving Portion: 4/5

I don't think that by looking at this dish you'll be able to guess what it is. Shredded Potatoes with Capsicum. They have mixed the crunchy potato in vinegar and this is supposed to be a cold appetizer dish. Refreshing and crunchy, not your regular mushy type of potato. This makes a perfect appetizer to complement your upcoming dishes.

Price: $4.20 for public

Taste: 3.5/5
Presentation: 3/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Serving Portion: 4/5

For main course, I ordered the Beef noodles for my husband. This dish is mildly spicy and the serving was very generous. Even for a big eater like him, he couldn't finish it. We think that it would be better if they go easy with the chilly oil. You may opt for the non spicy version if you wish.

Price: $11.80 for public

Beautiful noodles that was evenly made.

Taste: 3/5
Presentation: 3/5
Value For Money: 3/5
Serving Portion: 2.5/5 (Too much noodle, we would rather they charge lesser for a smaller bowl of noodles or do a half size like what the Australian does.)

Although I am not a fan of beef, I find that the beef is tender and not overly cooked. A recommendation will be to have the beef slices cut smaller.

Last but not least, I tried the La Mian in Signature Pork Bone Soup served with Deep-fried Pork Ribs. I did not manage to finish this bowl of La Mian as well. The soup was light and the boiled egg was decent. Nothing very surprising about this dish, but I do appreciate them separating my pork ribs from my noodles.

Eat the pork ribs with your noodles as the ribs are a little too salty to be eaten on its own.

Taste: 3/5
Presentation: 3/5
Value For Money: 3/5
Serving Portion: 2.5/5 (Too much noodle)

Price: $12.80 for public

We had a very filling lunch and overall the dishes ordered were great and good for a table of 4 small eaters.

I hope you have gotten some great ideas on where you can bring your parents. Go ahead and make your reservations today!

Paradise Dynasty (VivoCity)
1 Harbourfront Walk, #03-08A,
Singapore 098585

Tel: 6376 8103
Fax: 6376 9267

Reservations are accepted.
Please call outlet for reservation conditions.

Business Hours:
Mon – Fri
11.00am – 10.00pm (Last order 9.30pm)
Sat, Sun & PH
10.30am – 10.00pm (last order 9.30pm)

Be Confident, Be Yourself.

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