Thanks and Good Bye DRx


Some personal updates for must have heard me ranting about my hyper sensitive skin.

So I've been a good gal following closely to my DRx product routine and not applying products anyhow on my face for the past few months. I was promised a review session to follow up on my skin redness and to replenish my stocks after the Chinese New Year period.

The excited me was glad to see significant skin improvements to my skin redness and some slight reduction in pigmentation after applying on the products. All these, until some of my products ran out. I tried contacting the person in charge repeatedly for the follow up to take place but to no avail. I was given the silent treatment. I had to make do with what was left over. It didn't helped my skin much (as I did not have the complete range of products for my treatment).

It was the final straw when my skin redness returned and I was
exasperatingly looking for help. I did not appreciate this cold treatment. I thought I was alone until i found out from fellow bloggers that they too had experienced the same.

For my case, before anything was really resolved, I had no choice but to bid them goodbye due to the lack of follow-up service. I do not appreciate your silent treatment. Bloggers have pride too. Bloggers are your customers who deserved to be treated rightly, at the very least reply my email.

Therefore, I have no choice but to seek alternative treatment urgently.
Nevertheless, thanks to The DRx Clinc and people who once gave me a chance to cure my skin issues.

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