Product Review: MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask (Rose) n Assorted Flavors


Are you feeling the constant fatigue from your eyes from overworking? Prolonged staring at your computer and hand phone screens and game devices will cause strain to our eyes. It doesn't matter if you are a stressful working adult or student, having a healthy pair of eyes is important.

Other than consuming carrots and wolf berries, going for massage and using an eye massager, there are some products you may use to improve your eyesight.

Our eyes are the windows to our soul and it is of utmost importance that we take good care of them. The only time they get to rest is when we close them for a quick nap or when we go to bed and sleep.

Thanks to MegRhythm, they have came out with a unique Steam Eye Mask to relive your eye strain. This innovative self-warming steam eye mask is designed to relieve your eye stress. Recharge and brighten your eyes now.
All you need is 10 minutes. Whether you are traveling on the plane, on the coach or even taking a nap over your lunch break in the office, you can use this mask.

There are currently 4 different types of mask available.
1. Unscented
2. Lavender-sage Aroma
3. Chamomile-Ginger Aroma
4. Fresh Rose Aroma

There are 5 eye mask per packet. One pack will cost you $6.50. Available for purchase at Gurdian and Watsons stores. Check out how to redeem a free sample at the end of the post.

Slick design, thin and hassle-free. No dripping, not oily, easy to use and put on.

Put on the eye mask and you will feel the heat gradually going up to about 40°C once it comes into contact with the air. The heat will spread out and moisten your skin area to relieve your tired eyes. It feels the same like having warm tea bags place on your eyes, minus the dripping feeling.

Look at how the steam is released from this video. Please note that you will not see the actual steam when you use the eye mask.

I have tried the Fresh Rose Aroma eye mask. It is really easy to use and convenient to bring around everywhere. It is also safe and there's no negative reaction after I have used. My eyes looks so much refreshed after a tired day of work. They look slightly brighter now.

For more information on MegRhythm Steam Mask, check out their official website on where you may register for your free sample.

You may also request for samples via through Samplestore.

Hey! Before you go, there is an instagram contest on!
10 Prizes available to be won. They include a relaxation kit worth $50!!! All you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Follow @MegRhythmSG on Instagram
2. Share with them a photo of yourself using #MegRhythm Eye Mask in the most unique position and tell them what you like of MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask.
3. Tag @MegRhythmSG & hashtag #MegRhythm in your caption

Contest ends on 31 July 2014 2359 hours and winners will be informed via their instagram on 7th August 2014. For more information, you may wish to refer to MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask instagram @MegRhythmSG.

Take good care of your eyes and chill out!

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